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JV to develop Namibia's first
green H2
production plant
LEE NICHOLS, Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher
the partners will look at how H2
can be
transported, stored and delivered to
aircraft at existing and new airports.
Airbus plans to provide characteristics
on aircraft configuration and fleet energy
usage, insight on H2
-powered aircraft
for group operations and data on the
estimated H2
ramp-up at airports.
Risen Energy to supply
PV modules to Sinopec's
green H2
The O&L Group and CMB.TECH
are developing an $18-MM green H2
production plant in the Erongo region
of Namibia. The plant will act as a
demonstration hub for H2
The JV-Cleanergy Namibia-plan to
develop multiple green H2
will be used as a clean fuel for
projects in
country from solar power. The produced
heavy-duty trucks, locomotives, mining
equipment and ships.
Construction of the plant is scheduled
to begin this year, with operations to
commence by 2024. A second phase
may be added to produce ammonia as
a transportation fuel. At the time of this
publication, a decision on Phase 2 had
not been announced.
Egypt explores the
construction of a
green H2
-to-ammonia facility
study for Mediterranean Energy Partners
for a potential green H2
Petrofac is preparing a feasibility
facility in Egypt. The plant, to be
developed in Ain Sokhna Port on the
Gulf of the Suez, will use a mixture
of solar and wind energy to produce
125,000 tpy of green ammonia.
Airbus to study H2
in Singapore
Airbus signed a cooperation agreement
with Changi Airport Group, Linde and the
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore to
study the potential for a future H2
in Singapore. Under the collaboration,
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technology and manage the supply
of catalyst to the project.
Uniper to supply green H2
to SALCOS project
Uniper has finalized an agreement
with Salzgitter AG to supply green
project in China
to supply TITAN 650W PV modules
to Sinopec's green H2
Risen Energy Co. has won the bid
project in Kuqa County, Xinjiang.
Once completed, the 361-MW project
is expected to be the world's largest
PV-based H2
production facility and is
regarded as a breakthrough in promoting
the transformation of China's big
traditional energy producers.
Sinopec is investing more than
$470 MM on the Xinjiang Kuqa Green
H2 Pilot Project. Upon completion,
the facility will produce 20,000 tpy of
green H2
plant, a 210,000-m3
. The plant will use large-scale
photovoltaic (PV) power generation.
The project includes a new 300-MW PV
power station, a 20,000-tpy electrolyzed
water H2
tank and H2 transmission pipelines.
The facility is scheduled to begin
operations in mid-2023.
Suncor, Hazer Group and
FortisBC collaborate on
Canadian H2
The Hazer Group has signed a
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
with Suncor and FortisBC to develop
a 2,500-tpy H2
project in Canada. The
MoU includes a feasibility study, securing
financing and project development.
Suncor will lead the development
of the project through the initial
feasibility study, engineering and
construction phases. The company
will also operate the facility once
built. FortisBC will supply natural
gas feedstock to the project and will
purchase H2
Hazer will supply its proprietary
process, as well as lead engineering
relating to the facility's process
Tree Energy Services (TES) has
announced plans to accelerate
development of its Wilhelmshaven green
gas import project. The company's goal
is to develop a world-class European
green energy hub in Germany. The hub
will provide sustainable, reliable, clean,
non-intermittent energy to leading
German customers in the mobility,
industrial and power sectors in the form
of green H2
, green gas and green power.
In its initial phase, 25 TWh/yr
produced from the facility.
of green gas will be imported into
Wilhelmshaven. This volume can
produce 500,000 tpy of H2
. Phase 1 is
scheduled to be completed in Q4 2025.
-free steel
to the company's SALCOS project
in Salzgitter, Germany. The SALCOS
project's aim is to use renewable
technologies for CO2
Uniper plans supply green H2 from
its operations in Wilhelmshaven,
where the company is developing
two separate projects:
1. An import terminal capable
of converting green ammonia
back into H2
2. A 1,000-MW electrolysis plant
to produce green H2
The green H2 produced will replace
coal that is currently being used in
Salzgitter AG's blast furnaces. This
process will enable the company to
reduce CO2
by more than 95%.
Tree Energy Services
accelerating development
of Wilhelmshaven project
emissions in steel making

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