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ZeroAvia completes fi rst
high-power ground tests
for a zero-emissions aviation
power train system
After launching the development
of its 600-kW powertrain for use in a
19-seat aircraft late last year, ZeroAvia
has achieved its first major milestone for
the HyFlyer II program. The ground test
involved ZeroAvia's flight-intent 600-kW
powertrain pulling the company's new
15-t HyperTruck mobile ground testing
platform across the tarmac.
The HyperTruck, developed based on
heavy-duty military trucks, is sized for the
company's ZA-2000 2-MW powertrain,
which can be used to test systems
for 40-80 seat H2
-electric powered
aircraft. The ground tests of the 600-kW
propulsion system support the on-track
development of the company's HyFlyer II
program, which will deliver a H2
zero-emissions propulsion system for
airframes 10-20 seats in size.
This is ZeroAvia's first high-power
run of the ZA-600, kicking off its test
program for the flight-intent hardware
to prepare the system for flight. The
first milestone test flights of HyFlyer
II's Dornier 228 aircraft testbed are
expected to take place later this year
from ZeroAvia's UK facility in Kemble.
Cummins' H2
combustion engines to be
tested in Werner's fl eet
these new powertrains in Werner trucks
in the second half of this year, starting
with the 15-l natural gas product.
Werner is a transportation leader
focused on reducing its carbon footprint
and Cummins is positioned to help
provide low-carbon options successfully
and seamlessly using multiple power
solutions. Cummins' solutions include
the newest heavy-duty natural gas
engine and the heavy-duty H2
engine under development.
The 15-l natural gas engine can
be paired with a Cummins Eaton
Automated Transmission Technologies'
Endurant HD transmission and
Cummins fuel delivery system, which
ensures a purpose-built and fully
integrated natural gas powertrain. Other
transmission pairings will be available at
launch for specialized applications.
The 15-l natural gas engine will offer
ratings up to 500 hp and 1,850 ft/lb
of torque. It does not require selective
catalytic reduction to meet 2024
California or U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency emissions standards, providing a
potentially carbon-negative solution when
powered with renewable natural gas.
According to Cummins, H2
offer original equipment manufacturers
and end users the benefit of adaptability
by continuing to use familiar mechanical
drivelines with vehicle and equipment
integration. This mirrors current
powertrains while continuing to provide
the power and capability to meet
application needs.
McPhy and HYPORT
collaborate to decarbonize
S. SHARMA, Technical Editor
and the nearby industrial sites with
green H2
. To meet the airport area needs,
a first station will be set up in a private
restricted zone for airport services. The
second station, equipped with dualpressure
configuration (two distribution
pressures of 350 bar and 700 bar) will
be deployed in a public zone and enable
all types of vehicles (e.g., buses, light
commercial vehicles, captive fleets, large
goods vehicles) to be refueled with H2
This complete zero-carbon H2
production and distribution solution will
power nearly 200 vehicles, including a
fleet of four buses operated by Transdev
to transport passengers within the airport.
Beyond its pioneering nature, this
project aims to support the deployment
of H2
as a solution for the energy
transition in the airport and aeronautical
sector. Combining mobility, logistics and
industrial uses, airports constitute real
energy hubs, ideal for the development
of H2
-based ecosystems.
Energy Observer 2:
a multipurpose cargo ship
fueled by liquid H2
Energy Observer, after having
developed an autonomous laboratory
vessel with the first complete hydrogen
chain, is now launching the design of
a multipurpose cargo ship fueled by
liquid H2
. The technology will offer high
transport capacity with great autonomy.
With mature technologies in liquid
McPhy will be a key partner of
Cummins and Werner Enterprises, a
large U.S. freight hauling and logistics
specialist, will begin validation and
integration of Cummins' announced 15-l
(liter) natural gas and 15-l H2
combustion engines (ICEs) into Werner
vehicles. Cummins will begin integrating
HYPORT to equip Toulouse-Blagnac
airport with a complete zero-carbon H2
chain. The equipment will be comprised
of two H2
stations set up in the
immediate surroundings of the airport's
runways and roadways. A 400-kg/d
electrolyzer, or the equivalent of 1 MW,
will be deployed to supply the stations
storage, deployment of liquefiers
globally and mass-produced fuel cells,
Energy Observer and its partners now
focus on integrating large tanks and
managing cryogenic temperatures. LMG
Marin is the design office leading this
project and Air Liquide is contributing
to the project with its technological
and innovation expertise. EODev is
responsible for fuel cell integration in
the ship while Ayro will equip the ship
with its Oceanwings®. Bureau Veritas
is accompanying Energy Observer as
a key player in the field of maritime
regulations and innovations.
The main features of Energy Observer 2
* Length: 120 m
* Width: 22 m
* Draft: 5.5 m
* The surface of the wings: 1,450 m2
* Deadweight: 5,000 t
* Containers: 240 TEU
(20 ft equivalent)
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