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import facility is part of South Korea's
goal to increase clean energy production
in the country's overall energy mix-
South Korea's goals are to increase green
usage in energy consumption and
power generation by 2050 to 33% and
nearly 24%, respectively.
Consortium to study
hydro-based renewable power
for H2biscus project
Five companies-Samsung
Engineering, Sarawak Economic
Development Corp., Sarawak Energy
Berhard, LOTTE Chemical and POSCO
Holdings-signed an MoU to study the
potential of suppling at least 900 MW
of hydro-based renewable power for the
H2biscus green H2
/ammonia project in
Sarawak, Malaysia.
According to Samsung Engineering,
the MoU will jointly study the power
supply capacity and facilities, such
as substations and transmission
infrastructure, that would be required
to supply the project. In addition, the
completion of the H2biscus project
feasibility study is scheduled to be
completed in 2023, with full operations
to begin in 2027.
Hydra Energy is building
the world's largest
refueling station
In late September, Hydra Energy
broke ground on what will become the
world's largest H2
refueling station for
heavy-duty trucks once completed. The
refueling facility is being built in Prince
George, British Columbia and will help
refuel heavy-duty trucks along the
company' Western Canadian H2
The facility is scheduled to begin
operations in early 2024.
thyssenkrupp to develop
-powered direct-reduced
iron plant
thyssenkrupp plans to invest $2 B to
develop a H2-powered direct-reduced iron
plant in Duisberg, Germany. The Duisberg
project will have a production capacity of
In mid-September, Siemens
commissioned a large-scale green H2
plant in Wunsiedel, Germany. The plant
uses solar and wind power to fuel an
8.75-MW electrolyzer, which, in turn, can
produce 1,350 tpy of green H2
Siemens Smart Infrastructure
was responsible for the construction
of the plant and the creation of an
intelligently monitored and controlled
power grid. The green H2
will be used to
decarbonize the region's industrial and
commercial sectors and transport, and
will be distributed by truck trailers on
a decentralized basis to end customers
mainly within a radius of 150 km-200 km.
Due to the forecasted demand in
green H2, the project developers have
already begun talks on increasing the
plant's capacity to 17.5 MW. At the
time of this publication, no additional
information was available regarding
future expansion plans.
The station will produce 3,250 kg/d of
H2 using two onsite, 5-MW electrolyzers.
NextChem to help develop
Hy2Use waste-to-H2
plant and
renewable H2/ammonia facility
Maire Tecnimont's subsidiary,
NextChem, was awarded a nearly
$190-MM contract for the development
of a waste-to-H2
plant in Italy. The
facility-part of the Hy2Use project,
which has been awarded Important
Projects of Common European Interest
(IPCEI) status-will convert 200,000
tpy of non-recyclable solid waste into
1,500 tpy of H2
and 55,000 tpy of
ethanol (production capacities listed
are the project's initial phase). The
facility will use proprietary technology
developed by NextChem's subsidiary
2.5 MMtpy. To be completed in 2026, the
facility will help replace a portion of the
site's coal-fired blast furnace capacity.
Siemens commissions
large-scale H2
plants in Germany
MyRechemical. The project's first phase
is scheduled to begin operations in 2027.
NextChem was also awarded a
pre-front-end engineering design (preFEED)
contract by MadoquaPower2X,
a consortium consisting of Madoqua
Renewables, CIP's Energy Transition
Fund and Power2X. The consortium
is building a renewable H2
and green
ammonia plant in Sines, Portugal.
MadoquaPower2X will use renewable
energy and 500 MW of electrolysis
capacity to produce 50,000 tpy of
green H2
and 500,000 tpy of green
ammonia. The facility is expected to
avoid approximately 600,000 tpy of CO2
emissions in its initial phase.
Per the contract, NextChem will
provide pre-FEED engineering services,
including early studies, technology
and process reviews, modularity and
logistics analysis, and front-end loading
of engineering required to undertake the
permitting and licensing for the project.
McDermott to conduct
FEED for Gunvor's
Rotterdam H2
Gunvor Petroleum Rotterdam
has awarded McDermott front-end
engineering design (FEED) contracts for
its green H2
import terminal project at
the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
According to McDermott, the FEED
contracts cover the project's ammonia
tanks, inside/outside battery limits
equipment and projects, interconnecting
pipelines, and tie-ins.
Puglia Green H2
Valley project
takes a step forward
In September, Edison and Saipem
announced the acquisition of Alboran
Hydrogen Brindisi Srl, a firm that is
helping develop the Puglia Green H2
Valley project in Italy. Saipem also
announced that it holds exclusive rights
for the implementation of the project.
The Puglia Green H2
Valley project
includes the construction of three green H2
plants in Brindisi, Taranto and Cerignola.
These three plants will have a total
combined electrolysis capacity of 220 MW,
powered by approximately 400 MW of
PV solar energy. Once operational, the
three plants will be able to produce up to
300 MMm3
/yr of green H2
An expanded version of
Projects Update can be found
online at www.H2-Tech.com.
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