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4 AnnuAL ConferenCe & eXhibition 2010 preLiminAry progrAm ALA PRESIdENt’S PROGRAM LIbRARIES WANtEd: dEAd OR ALIvE feAturing eppo vAn nispen tot sevenAer Sunday, June 27, 2010, 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. The story Eppo van Nispen will tell is inspiring for anyone who is interested in the future of libraries. During his talk he will take you on an inspirational trip through the universe and the future onto a new horizon. Eppo will give an enormous positive boost to your mindset on how to cope with that future. High paced, smart, funny and touching, he will reach you where people should reach each other; in your heart. An inspirational speaker, Eppo van Nispen’s vision on the future of media and libraries is highly acclaimed by world leaders and visionaries. After a successful career in broadcasting, where he was among the first to work on interactive formats, he decided to dedicate his knowledge of media and how people use media to work on the future for libraries. Eppo started the DOK Library Concept Center in Delft, a small city near Amsterdam (the Netherlands) with one of the best technical universities in the world. DOK’s mission is to build the world’s most modern library. In 2008, DOK was designated by international experts as the worldwide number one library in innovation. In 2009, they were appointed as the best library of the Netherlands. This summer, Eppo will become the CEO of the national board for the (Dutch) book, known as the CPNB. The CPNB is funded by publishers, booksellers, government and libraries and is lauded all over the world for its clever, carefully targeted programs for young people and adults.

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ALA 2010 Annual Conference Preliminary
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ALA 2010 Annual Conference Preliminary