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58 AnnuAL ConferenCe & eXhibition 2010 preLiminAry progrAm 2010 CAMP ALA REGIStRAtION fORM JuLy 25-29, 2010 WAshington, Dc CAMP ALA WELCOMES ChILdREN AGES 6 MONthS – 17 YEARS. Children participate in age-appropriate activities including arts and crafts projects, active games and much more in a safe, nurturing environment. The cost for the camp is $80.00 per child per day. Parents pay $48.00 per child per day for the center and ALA funds $32.00 per child per day. A $10.00 Non-refundable registration fee per child is also required. The cost for each field trip is $90.00 per day and ALA funds $32.00 per child per day for children ages 6years andolder,lunchisincludedandparentsonlypay$58.00perfiledtrip. MEALS: ThecampfeesDONOTincludelunch.Parentscanpurchaselunchonthisregistrationformormakeplansfortheirchildren’slunches. NOLUNCHESWILLBEORDEREDON-SITE. NOtE: For the safety and security of your child(ren), ALA/ACCENT has the right to refuse care to any child based on space availability and appropriateness. ALA/ACCENT also has the right to refuse care to any child unable to adapt to group situations as well as any child whose presence or behavior may disrupt the program or endanger the health or safety of other children. REGIStRAtION: Toassurethatyourchildhasaplace,pleasepre-registerbyJune11,2010. We will assume your child will attend during the hours registered. If your schedule changes, we need as much notice as possible. We will accommodate you as best we can based on availability. You will receive a refund for a cancellation received in writing at ACCENT offices no later than June11,2010. You will receive no refund for a cancellation made after that time. “No shows” receive no refund. This policy is to insure proper staffing, which is in the best interest of your child(ren). ACCENT staff do not administer medication and any child who is ill will not be admitted to the center. **P L E A S E P R I N t** CHECK-IN TIME CHECKOUTTIME FIELDTRIP YES/NO NO.OF CHILDREN NO.OF LUNCHES $15 CAMPALA FEEPER DAY TOTAL $48 Per Child Camp $58 Per Child Field Trip Friday,July25,2010 7:30A.M.–6:00P.M. Saturday,July26,2010 7:30A.M.–6:00P.M. FieldTrip:Washington Monuments&Ride theDucks (9:30AM–2:30PM) $ $ $ $ Sunday,July27,2010 7:30A.M.–6:00P.M. FieldTrip:NationalZoo (9:30AM–2:30PM) $ $ Monday,July28,2010 7:30A.M.–6:00P.M. FieldTrip:Air&Space MuseumwithImax (9:30AM–2:30PM) $ $ Tuesday,July29,2010 7:30A.M.–6:00P.M. $ $ $10PERCHILDNON-REFUNDABLEREGISTRATIONFEE $ TOTAL $

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ALA 2010 Annual Conference Preliminary
Table of Contents
ALA President's Program
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Opening General Session and Closing Session
Special Events
Book Cart Drill Team World Championship
Exhibit Information
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ALA 2010 Annual Conference Preliminary