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64 AnnuAL ConferenCe & eXhibition 2010 preLiminAry progrAm 2010 dESCRIPtIONS Of tRACKS ANd SubtRACKS NO-CONfLICt tIME MONdAY, JuNE 28, 1:30 - 3:30 P.M. humAn resources AnD stAff DeveLopment Programs about salaries, benefits, and career development - Encourage your staff with programs about patron interactions, best practices, and professional development. Subtracks • Career Paths and Professional Development current issues AnD hot topics Explore the major social, legal, and professional issues librarians are dealing with today. Subtracks • Copyright & Intellectual Property reseArch Exciting new research findings, methodologies, and tips on how to get published. stAff support interests Engage with library support staff and managers of support staff to learn more about career development (especially ALA’s new certification program), portfolio creation, and staff organizations. user services Transform library services to meet the needs of evolving user communities. Subtracks • Literacy and Learning • Outreach ADministrAtion & LeADership Explore leadership and management issues, trends, and best practices in the 21st Century library environment. Learn new ways to lead in a changing economy. Subtracks • Advocacy, Marketing, & Fundraising • Buildings • Collaboration • Leadership & Management • Trustee Authors, LiterAture & progrAmming Explore the diverse world of authors, programming, literature and media. Subtracks • Cultural Diversity chiLDren & young ADuLts Gain exciting, practical, and theoretical ideas and information about serving children and young adults. Subtracks • Advocacy • Best Practices in Programming and Instruction • Literature & Collection Development • Partnership • Research • Technology coLLection mAnAgement & technicAL services Keep up with issues and trends in the collection, preservation, and discovery of information resources. Subtracks • Cataloging & Metadata • Collection Development •Preservation DigitAL informAtion & technoLogies Technology is driving your library, and this track will put you in the driver’s seat. Library 2.0 technologies, library systems, digitization, hardware, and learning about the digital library world is the focus of this track. Subtracks • Transformation and Innovations

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of ALA 2010 Annual Conference Preliminary

ALA 2010 Annual Conference Preliminary
Table of Contents
ALA President's Program
Auditorium Speaker Series
Opening General Session and Closing Session
Special Events
Book Cart Drill Team World Championship
Exhibit Information
Division Presidents' Programs
Council and Membership Meeting Schedule
First Time Attendee Information
General Information
Travel Information
Registration and Housing Information
Hotel Information
Pre-conferences and Special Events
Tour Information and Registration
Camp ALA
ALA Acronyms
Program Tracks and Descriptions

ALA 2010 Annual Conference Preliminary