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Essential Leadership Tools for Public, Academic, and
Special Libraries to be Presented at LLAMA Seminar
Libraries are in a constant state of flux.
These are familiar words we have heard time
and again over the last several years. As the
institutions and communities we serve have
evolved, our libraries have transitioned to
meet their needs. With change also comes
the potential for new opportunities for our
libraries to develop new spaces and services.
Effective leadership is often the key to the
success of change in any organization.
The LLAMA Leadership Development
Committee has brought together a panel
of three notable names for the LLAMA
Leadership Development Seminar: Essential
Leadership Tools for a Public, Academic or
Special Library, to be held Sunday, February
11, 8:30 - 10:30 a.m., in CCC Room 304.
Each speaker brings extensive experience in
the leadership of libraries. From their experience in public, academic, and special libraries,
we will learn about essential tools for leading
our institutions.
Recipient of the 2017 American Library
Association Equality Award, Haipeng Li's
leadership has helped move our libraries toward a more diverse and inclusive profession.
As University Librarian for the University of
California Merced, Li continues an extensive
career in librarianship. By leading academic
libraries in Hong Kong, China, and New Jersey, Li's experience brings a global perspective
into the changing needs of academia.

(l to r) Haipeng Li, Jill Bourne
and Pat Wagner will participate
in the LLAMA Leadership
Development Seminar.

Pat Wagner has worked in professional
development for over four decades, providing
training and education for librarians. With a

long history with the Special Library Association, Wagner has a unique insight into the issues of organizational design, user experience,

and leadership of libraries. As a manager and
consultant with Pattern Research Inc., she
has developed programs, webinars, and other
services, making her a valuable resource on the
leadership experience of special libraries.
In 2017 Jill Bourne was recognized as Librarian of the Year by the Library Journal for
her work leading the San José Public Library
(SJPL). As city librarian, Bourne led a turnaround of the SJPL, developing new services,
opening new libraries and spaces enriched with
emerging technologies. By building relationships with local government, notable Silicon
Valley tech firms, and regional universities,
Bourne's leadership has transformed SJPL into
the vibrant hub of knowledge it is today.

ALA Masters Series

Every Bite of Food We Eat: The Free Library of
Philadelphia's Culinary Literacy Center
Saturday, February 10: 12:00 - 1:00
p.m., CCC, Room 405/407
Join Liz Fitzgerald, Administrator
of the Free Library of Philadelphia's
Culinary Literacy Center (freelibrary.
org/cook), to learn how their library is
revolutionizing the way Philadelphians
think about food, nutrition, and literacy. The Culinary Literacy Center is

a dynamic education space where students
learn math through measuring, reading
through recipes, and science through the
process of cooking.
Attendees explore multiple literacies in
the kitchen classroom, including nutrition
for disease prevention and consumer skills
that help people on a budget access the
health benefits of cooking from scratch. At

cooking demonstrations from top chefs
and cooking classes with new immigrants,
Philadelphians from all walks of life meet
each other around a communal table.
In a city that loves food and the people
who make it, the Free Library of Philadelphia is proud to be the first library in
the country to have a dedicated kitchen
classroom space.

Stop by Oxford University Press booth #1538
at ALA Midwinter for a chance to test your
knowledge, talk with our representatives, win
prizes*, and attend interactive events.

Cheers & Beers! Pub-themed trivia Opening Reception
Friday, February 9th, 5:30-7:00pm
Join us for an evening at the pub! We invite you to grab a beer, snack on pub-themed
refreshments, and partake in either of our two rounds of trivia, one at 6:00pm and another
at 6:30pm.

You, Me, and the OREs: How the Oxford Research
Encyclopedias were developed by Oxford, for you
Saturday, February 10th, 2:00-3:00pm
What are the Oxford Research Encyclopedias (OREs), why were they made, and more
importantly, what can they do for your library? Enjoy complimentary refreshments as we
give away prizes* and share everything you need to know about the new OREs.

Colorado in an Hour: Explore the great state of
Colorado through Oxford's online products

Connect with Clarivate
BOOTH 1516
See what's new with Web of Science, including
our groundbreaking Open Access discovery-
plus, learn about everything we have planned
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better empower researchers around the world!

Sunday, February 11th, 10:30-11:30am
Savor some "road trip" refreshments as you travel with us on a virtual journey of the
beautiful state of Colorado! We'll construct an interesting fact roadmap of Colorado with
content from Oxford's various online products.

Booth 1538

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Web of Science

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