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Closing General Session

Mo Rocca

Journalist and Author Mo Rocca
Emmy winner Mo Rocca is a correspondent
for "CBS Sunday Morning," a frequent panelist
on NPR's hit weekly quiz show "Wait, Wait...
Don't Tell Me!," and the host of "The Henry
Ford's Innovation Nation" on Saturday mornings. He began his career in television as a writer
and producer for the Emmy and Peabody
Award-winning PBS children's series "Wishbone." He spent four seasons as a correspondent
on  "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"  and
created and hosted Cooking Channel's  "My
Grandmother's Ravioli," learning to cook from
grandparents across America. This session will
take place Tuesday, June 25 from 10:00 - 11:30
a.m. at the 2019 ALA Annual Conference &
Exhibition in Washington, DC.
Rocca's long love of obituaries led him to
create his new podcast  Mobituaries, as well

Meet the Authors
ALA Annual
ALA works to make sure your
experience will be a pleasant and
accessible one.
Find Conference and Convention Center features to ensure
that the ALA 2019 Annual Conference is accessible to all.
Tee Franklin signs her book Bingo Love and talks with
Ruth Monnier in the exhibit hall.

An exciting and
extensive schedule
of the hundreds of
authors and illustrators appearing in
exhibitor booths.
NEW! Meet
the Authors
In addition to the
"Meet the Authors"
signings held at exhibitor booths, ALA
is launching an Author Autographing
Area in the exhibit
Get details and
the schdule now.

ACRL Events Offered in Washington
influence and motivate their teams, when the
individuals on those teams struggle with the
challenges of poor communication, collaboration, culture, change and conflict? Dr. Angela
Spranger, author of Why People Stay: Helping
Your Employees Feel Seen, Safe, and Valued addresses contemporary issues around diversity,
leadership, and inclusiveness throughout the
employment lifecycle. Through intensive dialogue, shared narrative, and humor supporting the theoretical material, Spranger shares
an approach to inclusive leadership that leaves
participants energized and engaged. A book
signing will follow. The ACRL President's
Program will be held from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00
p.m. on Saturday, June 22.
Dr. Angela Spranger

ACRL President's Program Equity,
Diversity, Inclusion... and Leadership:
Where Do We Go From Here?
Join ACRL President Lauren Pressley for
the ACRL President's Program at the 2019
ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition in
Washington, DC Issues of equity in diverse
workplaces, and the trend towards more
inclusive language and policies, often leaves
leaders in the difficult position of navigating
the needs of the organization and the need
to help the organization accommodate today's workforce. How can leaders effectively

Building Your Research Data Management
Toolkit: Integrating RDM into Your Liaison Work Preconference
ACRL is sponsoring the day-long preconference "Building Your Research Data
Management Toolkit: Integrating RDM into
Your Liaison Work" at the 2019 ALA Annual
Conference & Exhibition in Washington, DC
Research data management has emerged as a
need among academic researchers and liaisons
are building skills in response. This one-day
preconference will assist liaisons to identify
their existing skills and mindsets that transfer
to research data management services and then


create a learning plan for the RDM specific
knowledge needed to serve their subject disciplines. Tools, hints, and tricks will be shared
that facilitate partnerships on campus with disciplinary faculty and with other RDM service
providers. The preconference will take place
from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June
21. Separate preregistration is required, and additional information is available at http://www.
Collective Reinvestment in
Open Infrastructure Inclusion
Focus of SPARC-ACRL Forum
Libraries are increasingly considering scaling back their subscriptions or cancelling big
deals altogether. Yet, the question of how and
where to reinvest the resources that become
available is both far from settled and increasingly pressing. As we start to move away
from the subscription model, we should be
intentional about crafting the vision for open
research communication we strive to build
and how we intend to build it. This forum,
"If I Had A Million Dollars: Collective Reinvestment in Open Infrastructure," will invite
active participation throughout the session in
a facilitated discussion with experts representing both libraries and research funders. The
forum will be held from 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. on
Saturday, June 22.

Mo Rocca
Closing General Session
Tuesday 6/25, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Sponsored by Simon & Schuster
as the associated forthcoming book, available
Fall 2019.  Mobituaries  is an irreverent but
deeply researched appreciation of the people
and things of the past that have long intrigued
him - from an unsung Founding Father to
the first Chinese American superstar - from
Medieval Medicine to the Station Wagon.
Rocca said, "Why should it be only the rich and
famous who get obits?  Mobituaries  celebrates
extraordinary people whose names you may
not remember, in addition to sitcom characters,
historical epochs and even snack foods that
have all bitten the dust."
Rocca will be joined by moderator Barbara
Hoffert who has worked for over three decades
assigning literary fiction and poetry, planning
book events, and writing news and features
about books as the editor of Prepub Alert at
Library Journal.
His appearance at the conference is sponsored by Simon & Schuster.
Get details and add to your schedule

ALA's Public Policy
and Advocacy
Unit Showcases
Opportunities for
Library Advocates
The 116th U.S. Congress is record-setting
in many ways, including that the House of
Representatives' freshmen are the least politically experienced cohort in the chamber's
history, according to Pew Research Center.
The learning curve on public policy is high,
and so are the opportunities for educating
elected leaders on issues that impact libraries
and library services.
As our nation approaches the decennial Census, libraries have an opportunity to
show their commitment to a fair, accurate,
and inclusive count. With makerspaces and
computational thinking programs on the
rise, libraries have a chance to work with
government and other partners to provide
economic opportunity, especially for underserved groups.
Participate in sessions sponsored by ALA's
Public Policy and Advocacy Unit to learn the
latest on public policy issues and how to leverage your library's programs as opportunities
for advocacy.
United States Census 2020: Ensuring
Everyone Counts (and is Counted)
In 2020, the U.S. Census will offer an
online response to the questionnaire for the
first time. Like past e-government efforts,
this will impact libraries and libraries' technology resources as staff work to assist people
in participating in the nation's largest civilian
mobilization effort. The decennial census
determines federal representation, billions
of dollars of federal funding to states and
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