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special feature lessons from the arts photography 1 2 Photos courtesy of CATHERINE EDELMAN GALLERY CHICAGO (EDELMANGALLERY.COM; SANDROFILM.COM) It's no secret that photography is a ubiquitous and moving art form, increasingly making an impact in hospitality spaces. But what about the processes of the artists themselves? Here, we talk to three photographers-all of whom are also successful in commercial and advertising realms-about their inspirations and personal projects. Sandro Miller Winning Work: While Sandro is an internationally known and widely respected portrait and commercial photographer, his Eyes of Morocco project-which he shot after a bout of cancer that made him realize he wanted to create work with historical meaning-won him the 2014 International Photography Award for Photographer of the Year. Inspired by the work of August Sander and Irving Penn, Sandro traveled to the North African country to photograph people in the clothing of their occupations-from a suit to construction gear 084 December 2014 1 1. A photo of a Moroccan man from Sandro's Eyes of Morocco series. 2. Sandro and Malkovich's recreation of Dorothea Lange's "Migrant Mother" photograph. to more traditional attire. "I wanted to pull these people who we saw on the street. I would build studios in mud houses, riads, rental apartments-anywhere where I could find a space, wherever I was, and whatever type of living condition they had. I had total control of the lighting, and was able to present a project to the world that most people have never seen before." "His images were striking, his lighting impeccable, his subjects very interesting, and his straightforward execution of these portraits was excellent," says Hossein Farmani, founder of the International Photography Awards, of Sandro's selection. "That is what makes a perfect photograph." http://www.EDELMANGALLERY.COM http://www.SANDROFILM.COM

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Hospitality Design - December 2014