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perspectives interview alan faena By Stacy Shoemaker Rauen Photography by Todd Eberle, Nikolas Koenig, and courtesy of Faena BOLD STORYTELLER A creator's vision evolves Don't call Alan Faena a hotelier. To him, what he does is more than simply creating a building-it's forming a community of change. The former fashion designer-turned-real estate developer first made a statement in Buenos Aires, turning deserted docklands in Puerto Madero into a cultural center and one of the most valuable stretches of land in the city, complete with the dramatically appointed, luxurious Faena Hotel by Philippe Starck (housed in a former warehouse), a residential tower by Foster + Partners, and an arts center. Now he's at it again with the Faena District in Miami Beach (with partner, businessman and philanthropist Len Blavatnik). When fully completed next year, the $1 billion art-filled development spanning six blocks will include Faena House, an 18-story condominium-also Foster's handiwork; Faena Forum, an art and cultural center designed by Rem Koolhaas' OMA (with programming by Faena Art, a nonprofit arts and cultural organization helmed by Faena's wife, Ximena Caminos); Faena Versailles, two adjacent residential towers, one by architect Brandon Haw and the other by designer William Sofield; beachside guesthouse Casa Claridge's; Faena Bazaar, another Koolhaas creation; and the 169-room Faena Hotel Miami Beach, a renovation of the Saxony Hotel designed by Faena-in collaboration with film director and producer Baz Luhrmann and Academy Award-winning costume designer Catherine Martin-complete with a spa, three restaurants, a double-height cathedral-style entrance, and a theater. Here, Faena talks about crafting a total experience, finding a point of view, and design's renaissance. On being a host I never wanted to be a hotelier, and I don't see that I am a hotelier today. What I like to do is invite people to my home, to elevate people with music, art, culture, food-with life. I realized [to do this] I needed to have them sleep in my home. So that is how we started, to give people the totality of the experience. On hotels and fashion Hotels are another way of creating the same fantasy that you create doing fashion. It's very much related. When I left fashion I thought about how I would continue [creating], and slowly I realized how close both industries were. And now you see a lot of fashion designers and brands developing hospitality [projects]. I don't think it's because they want 1. A corner bedroom at the Faena Hotel Miami Beach, which opened in December, affords views of the ocean. to be hoteliers, it's because it's a way to give a total experience. Because when people sleep in your bed, and wake up with your breakfast, and experience the food, and experience your service, at the end of the day, you are giving them something more special. A hotel is a place to sleep but when you do it in a different way, it's much more. On hotels today Decades ago, the hotel business was a family business. Slowly, hotels have been bought by big corporations and have become places with less soul. From the decoration to the service, people are taking fewer risks because they are part of a big corporation and aren't allowed to take risks. That is the opportunity for people like me who are independent-we can bring back [elements of how] this industry was created. That's why our hotel in Miami is based on the old design [of the '50s and '60s], the old glamour, the old fantasy, bringing that past to create in the present. I call it the new renaissance of design. We thought about every May 2016 177

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