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sop for rejuvenation procedures Adults ages 31–45 accounted for 43% of the $10.1 billion cosmetic procedures performed in 2010. Source: ASPS Don’t forget your treatment supplies and accessory products. PowerPeel® Aluminum Oxide Crystals (Each Pound of Crystals Performs 5–6 Treatments) 187-0058 2 Lb. Jar 187-0057 5 Lb. Jar Microdermabrasion POWERPEEL® MICRODERMABRASION SYSTEMS As the first FDA-cleared device launched in the United States, the PowerPeel® is the world leader in the field of microdermabrasion. This system continues to be a popular choice in the physician, medspa and day-spa markets. Unit comes with enough crystals and tips to treat your first 30 patients. One-year warranty on parts and labor. Statistic: Gen X-ers ages 31–45 accounted for 43% of the $10.1 billion cosmetic procedures performed in 2010. Source ASPS 187-3608 Features Patented 45-degree handpiece Stainless steel and titanium handpiece FDA cleared since 1993 90 mmhg Closed loop system Aluminum oxide system Benefits Most effective delivery of crystals for the optimum peel with least patient discomfort. Durable and nonbreakable. Longest track record for safety and efficacy. Strongest machine on the market. Eliminates any risk of cross contamination. Less skin irritation than with mechanical abrasion. PowerPeel® Handpiece Tips 187-0069 Small 187-0070 Medium 187-0071 Large 10/Pkg 10/Pkg 10/Pkg (Each Tip Performs 10–15 Treatments; Can Be Cold Sterilized Between Patients; Prevent Cross-Contamination By Designating Tip To Individual Patients) Dukal® Premium Wet *-Wipes (Mildly Scented, Alcohol-Free Contains Aloe and Lanolin) 933-2268 ™ 9" x 13" 64/Pkg 50/Box 10/Box Kentek Disposables – White 290-9079 Microdermabrasion Eye Sheilds 110-6211 Patient Mouthgard Oxygen Serum • Heals • Regenerates • Revitalizes • Optimizes Cell Repair LED Light Therapy PowerLight™ System A skin treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of red, blue and infrared energy produced by Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The LEDs enhance cellular metabolism; accelerate the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells; and gently lift and firm the skin. PowerLight™ LED Light Therapy stimulates fibroblast production, leading to the formation of new collagen. It is completely safe, noninvasive, and painless. Benefits include: • Reduces blemishes • Smoothes texture of skin • Increases circulation to skin • Helps irregular pigmentation • Gently lifts and firms the skin • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles • Aids in restoring sun-damaged skin • Reduces overall redness and flushing • Restores natural cellular activity level Perfect for post microdermabrasion, waxing, chemical peels, IPL and laser treatments to soothe, heal and rehydrate the skin. 187-0053 187-0055 OxygenPür Oxygen Serum OxygenPür Pomegranate 2.7 oz. Can 2.7 oz. Can 12MS6370 To Order: 1.800.P.SCHEIN (1.800.772.4346) 8am–9pm, et • To Fax: 1.800.329.9109 24 Hrs 17

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Aesthetic Procedure & Treatment Guide
Table of Contents
Practice Marketing
Patient Consultation
Anesthesia & Monitoring
Recovery & Healing
Laser Therapy
Ultrasound & Massage Therapy
Rejuvenation Procedures
Patient Resale
Aesthetic Treatment Room
Spa Services
Exam Room
Sterile OR
Surgical Solutions
Patient Screening
Exam Room Disposables
CSR Consumables
Gauzes, Dressings & Wraps
Infection Control
IV Therapy
Personal Protection
Surgical Accessories
Surgical Instruments
Wound Closure
Practice Solutions

Aesthetic Procedure & Treatment Guide