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spotlight on: spa services CELESTA® DELUXE The industry’s favorite multi-purpose spa table, the Celesta® Deluxe, offers optimal ergonomics, electric efficiency, including tilt-feature, and exceptional comfort. With 15º tilt in either direction and push-button height, back rest and leg rest adjustments for easy and accurate positioning, you get loyal, contented clients and the ability to offer your most impressive menu of services. The rich wood base, with accent strips in the lifting columns and optional custom stain, adds elegance to any décor. Spa Furniture Width: 29", 31" (79cm) Height Range: 24"–35" (97cm) Length: 72" (183cm) Table Weight 265 Lb. Towel Cabi 110-6530 Dimensions: 18"W x 12.6"D x 11.5"H One-year Warranty Parabath® Parafin Heat System An ideal partner for the spa center where frequent treatments are anticipated. Lightweight and portable, the unit is simple to set up and easy to use and maintain. Features and Benefits for Spa: • Clean, modern design accentuates Spa environment • Curved arm rest provides comfort and focuses relief on the treatment area • Helps relieve minor aches and joint pain • Choose fresh citrus scented or unscented Parabath paraffin • Deep-tank design easily fits hand, elbow, or foot treatment • 5-year limited warranty • Tested and proven in therapeutic applications for over 20 years 100-5308 Dimensions: 6"W x 6"D x 12"L 6 Lb. 101-9677 Parabath® Wax 636-9223 Parabath® Wax, Citrus scent 1 Lb. 101-8482 Plastic Liner for Parafin 100/Box 101-1909 Terri Cloth Boots 1 Pair 101-9498 Terri Cloth Mitts 1 Pair 250-5652 Mobil Stand for Parabath® Unit 1 Pair Facial Steamers If you perform facials, we have a compact solution to fit your business needs. Ask your trusted advisor for more information on Athena Beauty Systems from... Mini Non-Electric Lotion Warmer Keeps massage lotion and ultrasound gel at a comfortable temperature. Mini-Lotion Warmer hangs on the front of the Hydrocollator E-1 or E-2 heating units. (Bottles not included) 920-9479 12MS6370 To Order: 1.800.P.SCHEIN (1.800.772.4346) 8am–9pm, et • To Fax: 1.800.329.9109 24 Hrs 21

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Aesthetic Procedure & Treatment Guide

Aesthetic Procedure & Treatment Guide
Table of Contents
Practice Marketing
Patient Consultation
Anesthesia & Monitoring
Recovery & Healing
Laser Therapy
Ultrasound & Massage Therapy
Rejuvenation Procedures
Patient Resale
Aesthetic Treatment Room
Spa Services
Exam Room
Sterile OR
Surgical Solutions
Patient Screening
Exam Room Disposables
CSR Consumables
Gauzes, Dressings & Wraps
Infection Control
IV Therapy
Personal Protection
Surgical Accessories
Surgical Instruments
Wound Closure
Practice Solutions

Aesthetic Procedure & Treatment Guide