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exam room AUTOCLAVE: AUTOMATIC STERILZATION AUTOCLAVE: VACUUM STERILIZATION EXAM ROOM: LIGHTING M11 UltraClave® Don’t forget to ask your Sales Consultant for replacement parts: gaskets, hoses, deodorizers, and panels. GREEN SERIES LIGHT PROMOTION Introducing the Welch Allyn Green Series™ Medical Exam Lights Elara11 386-8917 • Fast and easy use for efficient instrument processing • Reliability and effectiveness for infection control assurance • Automatic opening door for efficient instrument drying • Maximum space utilization and a complimentary design for your sterilization area For Smaller or Localized Sterilization Demands: 386-7984 M9 UltraClave Pre-vacuum phase efficiently removes air, resulting in the full penetration of steam into wrapped, porous and hollow loads. The post-vacuum drying phase ensures complete drying of wrapped porous loads and hollow instruments. The Elara11 offers a total of 7 programs: 5 cycle times and 2 test programs, which are the Bowie Dick Test, and the Vacuum Test. Don’t Forget Your Treatment Supplies and Durable Goods 668-4306 Chamber Brite Autoclave Cleaner 668-2024 Clean & Simple Tablets 635-7227 Alcohol Dispenser, Clear 635-6246 Alcohol Dispenser Push, Unlabeled 100-0164 Basin Emesis Plastic Rose, 8.5" 100-0019 Bottle Dropper Glass 1oz., Amber 100-3026 Catheter Stainless Steel Tray, 81 2" x 3" x 11 2" / / 100-1282 Catheter Stainless Steel Tray, 8.9" x 5" x 2" 100-4086 Catheter Tray w/Cover, 12" x 8" 378-2255 Dressing Jar Stainless Steel, 4" x 4" 100-7243 Forceps Jar Stainless Steel, 45 8" x 21 8" / / 100-9646 Instrument Stainless Steel Tray, 19" x 121 2" x 6" / 978-0091 Kick Bucket Stainless Steel, 14" x 131 2" / 100-3001 Kick Bucket & Stand 639-4718 Mayo Stainless Steel Tray, 11" x 171 2" x 1 2" / / 738-8387 Medicine Cup, Stainless Steel 100-0935 Ointment Jar Plastic 1 oz. White 100-3896 Ointment Jar Stainless Steel 21 2" x 31 8" / / 121-1523 Ointment Jar Plastic 1 2 oz. / 100-2980 Ointment Jar Plastic 2 oz. White 100-9499 Ointment Jar Plastic 4 oz. White 100-4832 Ointment Tin Metal 1 2 oz. / 100-4641 Sundry Jar Glass, Clear 668-4581 WHITER BRIGHTERGREENER With white, bright LEDs, Welch Allyn Green Series Medical Exam Lights provide you with superior light, helping you improve patient exams while reducing environmental impact. Green Series medical exam lights feature state-of-the-art LEDs that never require replacement, provide a whiter, brighter light than ever before, and use less energy than halogen. So now you can see true tissue color rendition while reducing your current cost of ownership. 10/Box 64/Box 9 oz. 9 oz. 16 oz. 12/Box Ea. Ea. Ea. Ea. Ea. Ea. 12 Qt. Ea. Ea. 2 oz. 12/Box 8oz. 12/Bag 12/Box 12/Box 144/Box 5/Pkg. Powerheart AED G3 Semi-Automatic 110-2294 The semi-automatic AED administers a defibrillating shock at the press of a button. 110-2293 Adult AED G3 Automatic Defibrillator Pads Each GS300 3 LED Minor Procedure Light GS600 LED Exam Light 114-2692 Mobile Stand 114-5632 Table/Wall Mount 566-0088 Mobile Stand 566-0089 Table/Wall Mount GS900 6 LED Procedure Light GS Exam Light IV 114-6258 Mobile Stand 566-0097 Table/Wall Mount 116-1148 Ceiling Mount 114-2547 GS Exam Light 22 12MS6370

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Aesthetic Procedure & Treatment Guide
Table of Contents
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Anesthesia & Monitoring
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Laser Therapy
Ultrasound & Massage Therapy
Rejuvenation Procedures
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Wound Closure
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Aesthetic Procedure & Treatment Guide