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spotlight on: henry schein exclusives AtmosAir Solutions in Healthcare Environments an all-in-one surgical tourniquet... AtmosAir systems use nature’s own cleaning method: Bi-Polar Ionization (negative and positive ions, or “activated oxygen clusters”) interact with oppositely charged contaminants and reduce particulates, eliminate VOCs and odors, and reduce airborne bacteria and germs. AtmosAir Potential Benefits • Superior reduction of particles and spores that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms • Proven reduction of Staphylococcus and related MRSA, and other microbials • Continuous 24/7 use offers enhanced protection against mold, bacterial, allergies, germs, etc. • Elimination of distracting odors in waiting rooms, emergency admissions, patient rooms, cafeterias, food service areas, soiled linen areas, trash storage areas, etc. • Potential energy savings through reduced outside make-up air • Unmatched contaminant removal ability can allow enhanced IAQ without restrictions to airflow typical of filtration. Saves on HVAC operating costs Exsanguinates. Applies a sterile stockinette. ockinette. Creates an occlusion. n. Gives the surgeon a larger bloodless surgical eld Not only is it simple , l HemaClear eliminates the need for: Tourniquet Cu Tourniquet Machine Esmarch Bandage Webril Stockinette Tourniquet Webril H Increased Surgical Field Increased surgical eld LED’s don’t contain bulbs therefore there is no Mercury containing waste and no costs of replacement bulbs NO MORE BULBS VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE-FREE ENERGY EFFICIENT D100 in Duct System that can handle up to 2,000 sq/ft. 420-0006 VIRTUALLY NO HEAT PRODUCED LOWER OPERATION COST 402-0008 402-0000 402-0009 402-0010 402-0011 Regular Small Medium Large X-Large Forearm Pink Tourniquet,14-28cm Yellow Tourniquet, 24-40cm Brown Tourniquet, 30–55cm Black & White Tourniquet, 50-90cm Industry Standard Time Ease of Use Less than 1 minute 1 person, 1 device, just “grab + pull” 15 minutes Additional sta and multiple devices E ectiveness 100% blood removal, less blood loss, better visibility Only 60% blood removal T400 Portable Unit can handle to up 400 sq/ft. 420-0005 T400 Wall Mount can handle to up 400 sq/ft. 420-0004 P2000 Portable Unit can handle up 1,500 sq/ft. for very odorous areas. 420-0007 Safety Setting Footprint Cost 100% sterile, reduces the chances of infection, low likelihood of complications Anywhere One small device 1 Disposable Non sterile, greater likelihood of infection + complications Hospitals only Large capital equipment and multiple devices Capital equipment, maintenance, disposable wasted or time 24 12MS6370

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Aesthetic Procedure & Treatment Guide

Aesthetic Procedure & Treatment Guide
Table of Contents
Practice Marketing
Patient Consultation
Anesthesia & Monitoring
Recovery & Healing
Laser Therapy
Ultrasound & Massage Therapy
Rejuvenation Procedures
Patient Resale
Aesthetic Treatment Room
Spa Services
Exam Room
Sterile OR
Surgical Solutions
Patient Screening
Exam Room Disposables
CSR Consumables
Gauzes, Dressings & Wraps
Infection Control
IV Therapy
Personal Protection
Surgical Accessories
Surgical Instruments
Wound Closure
Practice Solutions

Aesthetic Procedure & Treatment Guide