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spotlight on: electrosurgery Electrosurgical Accessories Electrosurgery is commonly used for cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation and body contouring as well as reimbursable procedures such as removal of tumors and skin lesions and breast reconstruction. It is often preferred by surgeons over laser surgery and cryosurgery for several procedures. DISPOSABLE CAUTERY (590-1085) Cordless, Hi-Temp, Fine Tip (590-5974) Cordless, Hi-Temp, Loop Tip (590-4434) Cordless, Lo-Temp, Fine Tip, Ophthalmic Each Each 10/Box Dermal Tip Electrode (590-9426) (590-1158) (241-6402) (891-3055) Blunt for 800, 940, 950, Non-sterile Blunt for 800, 940, 950, Sterile Sharp for 800, 940, 950, Non-sterile Sharp for 800, 940, 950, Sterile 100/Box 50/Box 100/Box 50/Box Disposable Blade Electrode (650-3112) 913-2993 Straight Sharp Needle 25/Box The 2250 by Bovie® offers the most consistent energy delivery in the industry (5000 x per second), ideal for the most demanding procedures like tummy tucks and breast augmentation/reduction. This product is ideal for cosmetic and reconstructive procedures due to its ability to have both monopolar and bipolar accessories plugged in at the same time. 357-9906 Disposable Pencils (590-6113) (641-0630) Hand Switching w/Push button Hand Switching w/Push button, Holster 50/Box 40/Box For a cost-effective alternative or a practice that is performing mostly breast or facial procedures, consider the Bovie 1250. Electrode Cables (904-0000) (394-9720) Adult Split Return 2.8mm Adult Solid Return 2.8mm 50/Box 50/Box Time is Money–Resistick II Coated Electrodes Resistick II™ coated blade, ball and needle electrodes are expertly coated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). They move more effectively through tissue because they resist eschar buildup, making them much more efficient during surgical procedures. 681-1168 681-1147 681-1134 681-1137 681-1140 681-1141 681-1145 681-1146 681-1178 681-1179 681-1186 261-0161 681-1187 681-1191 681-1150 681-1152 681-1153 681-1154 681-1156 681-1167 Grounding Pads (800-7713) (794-3937) Conductive Pads Adult Pad w/o Electrode 50/Box 50/Box Supercut Tungsten Needles (Similar to Colorado Needles) Maintains sharpness for pinpoint accuracy during fine coagulation and dissection (600-7070) Disposable 3.0cm (477-2130) Disposable 4.5cm (651-2659) Reusable 4.25cm (108-1945) Disposable 4.5cm (477-2130) Reusable 4.5cm (139-3121) Disposable 3.0cm-Modified Each 5/Box Each 5/Box 5/Box 5/Box Bipolar Forceps (608-5636) (963-9838) Reusable Straight 51 2" / Reusable Straight 41 2" / Each Each 8 12MS6370

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Aesthetic Procedure & Treatment Guide
Table of Contents
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Patient Consultation
Anesthesia & Monitoring
Recovery & Healing
Laser Therapy
Ultrasound & Massage Therapy
Rejuvenation Procedures
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Aesthetic Treatment Room
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Wound Closure
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Aesthetic Procedure & Treatment Guide