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✓ Use an actual dental schedule. Medical treatment is very
different and medical schedules do not account for the
variations and overlaps needed to manage a precise,
productive, coordinated dental schedule.

✘ Adapt a medical schedule. You will lose hours of time and
opportunities to manage effective workflow, and you will
create clinician stress.

✓ Plan to keep the dentist with a patient at all times during
scheduled clinical times.

✘ Schedule root canals or other complex surgical procedures
back-to-back for most general practitioners. They need a

✓ Determine proper blocks of time to match treatment plans.
✓ Schedule more complex treatments early in the day or right
after lunch.
✓ Schedule emergency treatment times when the office first opens
or immediately after lunch. This will allow time to handle the
✓ Begin the morning with a double-book: complex treatment
and a simple treatment, such as a restorative and an exam,
post-op, or denture adjustment (the dentist can give anesthesia
in the first room and move to the simple treatment while
anesthesia is taking effect).
✓ Schedule dental assistant and dentist time, if possible. This
allows you to identify opportunities to tighten the schedule
without double-booking the dentist.

✘ Schedule emergency treatments hours after the office has
opened. Surgical extractions and other urgent treatments
will invariably flow into lunchtime, and staff members need
a break.
✘ Schedule standard blocks of time for all treatments. Use
time-based RVUs (relative value units) or simple worksheets
to determine the optimal time needed.
✘ Expect your dentist to perform a procedure or task when
a hygienist can (based on practice acts, skills, etc.), and
similarly, don't expect your hygienist to perform a task when
an assistant can. Proper allocation of work and patient
interface will result in more cost-effective care.

✓ Allow workflow time to correctly clean, disinfect, and prepare
✓ Have an experienced assistant review your schedule two days
in advance to "tighten it up," improve workflow, and find room
to fit in emergencies, special situations, or referrals from the
medical clinic.


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