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& liners cements SAVE $5.00 SAVE $10.00 Plus...Buy a Double Pack, Get a Single Pack FREE!* SAVE $5.00 Plus...Buy 2 Refills, Get 1 Refill of TempBond Clear Automix Syringe FREE!* MaxCem™ Elite™ KERR TempoCem DMG AMERICA ® Three formulations to choose from: with zinc oxide/eugenol, without eugenol, and a softer material that also contains eugenol and is great for cementing long-span temporary bridges. Designed for use with all types of provisionals, as well as the try-in period for a final restoration. Automix dispensing system. Refill Kit.....................................Ea. $139.99 Vitrebond Plus 3M ESPE ™ Light-cure glass-ionomer liner/base. Packaged in the convenient Clicker™ dispensing system. For a faster, easier, and more consistent mix. Double Pack (777-6083-V6) ..........................Ea. $319.99 ™ Self-etch, self-adhesive resin cement. High bond strength without adhesive needed. Easy to clean up and can be used with all anterior and posterior ceramics, PFMs, and CAD/CAM materials. Color stable and aesthetic. Works with all substrates, from opaque to translucent. No need to refrigerate. Syringe Refills ..........................Ea. $126.99 Specify: TempoCem with Eugenol (290-1448-V6) TempoCem NE Noneugenol (290-6249-V6) TempoCem Soft with Eugenol (290-1531-V6) Contains: 1 cartridge of TempoCem cement & 40 mixing tips. Contains: 2–10 Gm. Clicker dispensers, 1 large mixing pad, 1 technique card & instructions. *To receive your FREE goods, send or fax a copy of your Henry Schein invoice dated 11/27–12/30/11 to: 3M Customer Service, P.O. Box 19582, Irvine, CA 92623-9582 or fax to: 1-800-540-7497 Specify free goods selection, . include your business phone and mail or fax by 1/31/12. Offer valid only in the United States. Specify: Clear (123-7426-V6) Yellow (123-4892-V6) White (123-4168-V6) Brown (123-3930-V6) White Opaque (123-4993-V6) Contains: 2–5 Gm. dual syringes, 20–4:1 automix tips (10 regular & 10 wide) & 10 intraoral tips. *Purchase must be made from Henry Schein between 11/27 and 12/30/11. Offers must be redeemed by 1/31/12. Send a copy of invoice to: Kerr, fax 1-888-727-2614 or e-mail tooth whitening SAVE 5% Plus...Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!* Buy 3 Bulk Kits, Get 1 FREE! (shipped with order) SAVE Up To 10% Exclusively from Henry Schein! Natural Elegance® Plus At-Home Whitening System NUPRO® White Gold® In-Office Tooth Whitener DENTSPLY PROFESSIONAL Sheer White!™ CAO GROUP, INC. 20% carbamide peroxide tooth-whitening film. Firmly holds whitening gel against enamel for extended periods of time. No slipping or sliding during use: molds to teeth. Removes stains and whitens teeth. Can be worn for an hour a day or overnight for 5 days. Each patient kit contains 5 days of treatment. Bulk Kit (595-0014-V6) ..........................Ea. $355.99 Carbamide-peroxide tooth-whitening system that contains fluoride. Made of a neutral pH that reduces patient sensitivity and is kind to enamel. Water-based formulation keeps teeth hydrated for reduced sensitivity. Fluoride allows for anticaries benefits, increases in enamel microhardness, and improves overall enamel health. Viscous gel adheres to teeth for continued whitening. $ Patient Kit................................Ea. 31.99 6@ 29.99 Specify: 16% Mint (900-4449-V6) 22% Mint (900-4450-V6) Contains: 4–3 mL syringes & tray. 36% hydrogen-peroxide, in-office chairside whitener. Achieve fast, effective results. Convenient syringe delivery with specially formulated gel that adheres to teeth with no seepage or dripping. Save chair time by premixing before patients arrive. Premix and store (refrigerated) up to 20 days and get the same excellent whitening results. Mint flavored. Complete Kit $ (555-8680-V6) ..........................Ea. 75.99 Contains: 2–1.6 Gm. syringes of hydrogen peroxide, 2–0.4 Gm. syringes of activator gel, 1–2.4 Gm. gingival dam syringe & 3 syringe tips. *Purchase must be made from Henry Schein between 11/27 and 12/30/11. Offers must be redeemed by 1/31/12. To receive your FREE goods, mail your Henry Schein invoice noting free product(s) desired to: DENTSPLY, Attn.: 4th Quarter Offers, 1301 Smile Way, York, PA 17404 or fax, toll-free to: DENTSPLY, Attn.: 4th Quarter Offers, 1-800-278-4344. Limit 5 redemptions of each offer per Doctor. These offers may not be combined with any other DENTSPLY offers or contract agreements. Allow 4–6 weeks for delivery. Offer valid in 50 United States only. Maintenance Kit......................Ea. 6@ Specify: 16% Mint (900-4451-V6) 22% Mint (900-4452-V6) Contains: 2–3 mL syringes. 11.99 10.99 Contains: 24 patient kits. Each kit contains 5 trays; each tray contains 2 films: 1 upper & 1 lower. 16 To Order Call: 1-800-372-4346 8am-9pm, ET Or Fax at: 1-800-732-7023 24 Hours

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Dental Sales Flyer - December 2011
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Dental Sales Flyer - December 2011