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small equipment SAVE $30.00 SAVE $150.00 Digital Apex Locator SAVE $200.00, Plus...Buy a Demi™ Plus LED Curing Light System, Get 1 FREE!* Lowers your cost to $786.66 Ea. HS-1 Amalgamator Quiet, high-speed unit in eye-easy ivory color. Accepts all capsules. Will mix all high-copper alloys. Safety cover included. Speed: 1 rpm–4200 rpm. 1-year warranty. 110-V Unit $ (100-2532-V6) ....................Ea. 269.99 Provides precise measurements of the canal under all conditions, including wet, dry and bleeding canals. 0.1mm accuracy in the apical region. 8 LEDs mark the advancement of the file. Calibration is automatic. Immediately measure another canal without any special preparations. Audible alarm can be turned on or off. 4-year warranty. Complete Unit $ (900-3637-V6).....................Ea. 439.99 Contains: Unit, 4 lead wires, 2 apron clasps, 2 lip hooks, 1 traditional file clip, 3 mini file holders, 20 disposable sleeves & 1 battery (type CR2450). SAVE $15 SAVE $100.00, Plus... Buy 1 Radiosurge Unit, Get Either an Electrode Pack or Handpiece and Cord FREE!* Powered by Demetron™ technology. Lightweight and ergonomic LED curing light with a whisper-quiet fan that keeps cool for continuous operation. Features the breakthrough “periodic level shifting” (PLS) that delivers a true 5-second cure for universal composite shades A3 and lighter. PLS allows the unit to pulse from a baseline output of 1100 mW/cm2 to a peak of 1330 mW/cm2 for 1⁄4 second of each 1-second exposure. Offers 5-, 10-, and 20-second preset timer settings. Multiple holding options reduce hand and arm fatigue. Extended turbo light guide enables better application with improved access for posterior procedures. Exterior is made from GE Valox® resin, a high-performance plastic that will protect and extend the life of the unit. Breakthrough self-cleaning “cap and swipe” battery simplifies charging to increase efficiency and allow more cures from a single charge. 3-year warranty. Complete Unit (123-1384-V6) ......................Ea. $1,179.99 Contains: 1 handpiece, 1–8mm turbo light guide, 1 lithium-ion battery, 1 battery charger, 1 power supply & 1 protective light shield. Demi™ Plus LED Curing Light System® KERR Compact ultrasonic cleaning machine features solid-state circuitry for powerful, quiet cleaning action, yet fits easily on a counter or tabletop. This machine is perfect for chairside cleaning of burs, dentures, and more. Tank Dimensions: 25⁄8”H x 33⁄8”W x 43⁄4”L External Dimensions: 5”H x 41⁄4”W x 53⁄8”L Model PC3 $ (924-7116-V6) ....................Ea. 99.99 PC3–L&R Radiosurge Unit MACAN ENGINEERING SAVE $345.00 Lifeline AED DEFIBTECH This high-precision dental electrosurgery unit is designed especially for the aesthetically demanding aspects of prosthodontics including safe implant exposure. Rated at 3 MHz. Great as a laser adjunct in all dental specialties. Capable of bipolar coagulation and "two point" isolated excision with optional accessories (not included). Isolated ground output: Waveforms: Cut, Blend, and Coag. 3-year warranty (unit only). Complete Unit (272-6937-V6).....................Ea. $1,599.99 Contains: 1–120 V unit, 1 autoclavable handpiece & cord, 6 UltraFlex bendable electrodes (1 of ea.: F1, L22, L34, L35, C51 & SN62), 1 dispersive plate & cord & 1 operating manual. Demi™ Plus Upgrade Kit Designed to convert the Demi™ LED Curing Light System to the Demi™ Plus LED Curing Light System. (123-1436-V6) ......................Ea. 429.99 Contains: 1 of ea.: Demi™ Plus battery pack, Demi™ Plus battery charger & 8mm extended turbo+ light guide. *Purchase must be made from Henry Schein between 11/27 and 12/30/11. Offers must be redeemed by 1/31/12. Send a copy of invoice to: Kerr, fax 1-888-727-2614, or e-mail SAVE $15.00, Plus...Buy an Alginator™, Get an 8 Lb. Value Pack of Identic Alginate FREE!* Designed for speed and simplicity. Uses biphasic defibrillation–the most effective at resuscitating in ventricular fibrillation (the most common form of sudden cardiac arrest). Text, lights, and voice instructions guide responder step by step through life-saving process. Electrode pads are stored in back pocket, ready to apply. "Power On" and "Shock" buttons are oversized and brightly lit. Lightweight and durable: 4.2 Lb. 5-year limited AED warranty, 3-year warranty on battery pack, 1-year warranty on 9V lithium battery, and 2-year shelf life on defibrillation pads. Complete Package (499-1362-V6)......................Ea. $1,049.99 *To receive your FREE goods, fax a copy of your warranty card and your Henry Schein invoice dated 11/27–12/30/11 to: Macan Manufacturing, PO Box 166, Milton, DE 19968, Fax: 1-302-645-7049. Invoice must be postmarked by 1/31/12. See page 62 for more details. TRUE VALUE Quality Repairs, Exceptional Service, & Genuine Parts Sleek, new design that is rounded and light for improved portability and ergonomics. Has a single mixing speed that makes a smooth, bubble-free mix as it eliminates waste and reduces cleanup time. White. 1-year warranty. Dimensions: 41⁄2”H (81⁄2”H with medium bowl attached) x 5”W x 101⁄2”L Complete Package–110 Volt (135-0058-V6) ..........................Ea. $409.99 Contains: 1 Alginator, 1–1 Lb. of Identic Fast-Set Alginate with an empty canister, 1 Clean & Lube Spray, 1 medium bowl & 1 spatula. Alginator™ DUX DENTAL Contains: 1 unit, 1 battery pack, 1 set of defibrillation electrodes, 1–9-volt status indicator battery, 1 quick-use card & 1 user manual. *To receive your FREE goods, send a copy of your Henry Schein invoice dated 11/27–12/30/11 to: DUX Dental, Attn.: Stacey Williams, 600 East Hueneme Road, Oxnard, CA 93033. May not be combined with any other offers or promotions. For your Handpiece and Small Equipment Repair needs, please call ProRepair at 1-800-367-3674 8am–7pm (et) 64 To Order Call: 1-800-372-4346 8am-9pm, ET Or Fax at: 1-800-732-7023 24 Hours

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Dental Sales Flyer - December 2011
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Dental Sales Flyer - December 2011