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small equipment SAVE $50.00, Plus...Buy 1, Get 1 Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill Promo Pack FREE!* $ Exclusive Henry Schein Offer! Get a 250.00 Rebate!* Plus 100 ct NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophy Pack when you purchase a Cavitron® Plus! SAVE 10% NEW! bluephase® Style IVOCLAR VIVADENT Lightweight and ergonomically shaped pen-style LED curing light with cordless freedom reduces strain on arms and hands. Uses Polywave LED technology for halogen-like wavelength output to polymerize all light-cure dental materials in the wavelength range of 385–515 nm. Has 1,100 mW/cm2 of continuous light output, and 10mm standard probe covers large tooth restorations in one use. High-tech lithium-polymer battery and inductive charging system with no contacts. “Click and Cure” provides corded backup to battery. 3-year warranty on unit and 1-year warranty on battery. Complete Unit NEW! Cavitron® Plus™ Ultrasonic Scaling Unit with NEW Tap-On™ Technology DENTSPLY PROFESSIONAL Tap-On™ technology and prophy mode auto cycles are designed to improve efficiency and reduce hygienist leg strain. This technology activates scaling with a single tap of the foot pedal. Prophy mode auto cycles alternate between air polish and rinse without a need to touch the pedal. Its 30kHz patented technology offers a balance between scaling efficiency and patient comfort. Rinse setting allows for easy lavage inside mouth. Purge feature allows for easy cleanup and automatic purging of lines. Steri-Mate® handpiece features a 330° swivel cable with lavage control and is removable and fully autoclavable. The 360° wireless foot control offers 2 positions (normal and boost). Compatible with all Cavitron® 30K inserts. 2-year warranty. Complete Unit (167-0156-N5) ........................Ea. $2,619.99 Touch Pad Amalgamator Touch-pad design with digital timer. Initial 10-second setting. Mixing speed of 4400 rpm and time can be varied from 0 to 30 seconds in 1-second intervals. High-powered, constant-speed motor eliminates fluctuations, thus producing a more consistent, accurate mix. Same on/off button with a 1-second start/delay for safety. Ergonomic design and a neutral color. 1-year warranty. 110-V Unit (101-2691-N5) ..........................Ea. $349.99 (945-0400-N5) .........................Ea. $ Contains: 1 handpiece, 1–10mm probe, 1 power pack, 1 charging base, 1 power cord & 1 lithium-polymer battery. 1,249.99 *See page 41 for details. SAVE $50.00 SAVE Up To $40.00, Plus...Buy an Effica™ E1, Get 2 Bottles of Ultra Dose® Germicidal Cleaner Solution FREE! A $124.00 Value (shipped with order) Contains: 1 Cavitron® Plus™ System, 1 Steri-Mate™ handpiece, 1 wireless Tap-On™ foot pedal, 1 auxiliary cable for foot control, 1–4-pack of “ batteries & 1 instruction manual. AA” *Purchase must be made from Henry Schein between 4/9–4/27/12. Offers must be redeemed by 6/1/12. To receive your FREE goods, mail your Henry Schein invoice noting free product(s) desired to: DENTSPLY, Attn.: 2nd Quarter Offers, 1301 Smile Way, York, PA 17404 or fax, toll-free to: DENTSPLY, Attn.: 2nd Quarter Offers, 1-800-278-4344. Allow 4–6 weeks for delivery. Offer valid in the 50 United States only. SAVE $50.00, Plus...Buy 1, Get 2 Buchanan Heat Pluggers & 2 Buchanan Hand Pluggers FREE!* Exclusively from Henry Schein! Ascent™ PX LED Curing Light CAO GROUP High-powered, cordless LED curing light with a patented dual-wavelength curing technology, a 1400 mW/cm2 light intensity, and a spectral output of 377nm–490nm. Completely cures all light-cured dental materials available today. Wand can be rotated to cure any tooth surface with a 10mm x 14mm light pattern. Four preset cycles: ramp, pulse, boost, and continuous. Long-life battery allows for 200 cycles and recharges in 2 hours. Unique 3-position charging station accommodates up to 3 individual lights simultaneously and includes a built-in radiometer. Made in the USA. 2-year warranty. Complete Unit (595-0011-N5) ............................Ea. $949.99 A 0.92-gallon (3.5-liter) tank equipped with an automatic locking lid to ensure every instrument is thoroughly cleaned by going through a complete cleaning cycle prior to sterilization. 45-kHz operating frequency, 60-minute digital timer, and side drain with on/off valve. Unique, durable basket included with specially designed handles for easy removal. Optional heater. 2-year warranty. Tank dimensions: 111/4"L x 51/2"W x 31/2"D External dimensions: 143/4"L x 101/2"W x 101/2"D Effica™ E1 with Locking Lid/without Heat $ (924-0010-N5) .........................Ea. 744.99 Contains: 1 unit & 1 basket. Effica™ E1 Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit–L&R Elements™ Obturation Unit SYBRONENDO Effica™ E1 without Locking Lid or Heat (924-0013-N5) .........................Ea. Effica™ E1 with Locking Lid and Heat (924-0012-N5) .........................Ea. Contains: 1 unit & 1 basket. Contains: 1 unit & 1 basket, & 1 positioning cover. 669.99 809.99 Incorporates advanced technologies involving software, metallurgy, electronics, and industrial design with the best elements of System B™ and a patentpending motorized extruder. Unit can be used for System B down pack, backfill, cauterizing, and hot pulp testing. Digital temperature display. Time-out feature and auto shutoff prevent overheating. Proprietary disposable cartridges of gutta percha or RealSeal minimize cross contamination and eliminate cleanup. 1-year warranty Complete Unit (123-9418-N5) .......................Ea. $2,744.99 Contains: 1 control console, 1 extruder handpiece, 1 System B™ handpiece, 2 replacement extruder shields, 2 replacement System B™ shields & 1 power supply. Contains: 1 curing light, 1 wand, 1–3-position charging base with power cord, 50 disposable barrier sleeves, 1 protective shield & 1 instruction manual. *See pages 32-33 for details. For your Handpiece and Small Equipment Repair needs, please call ProRepair at 1-800-367-3674 8am–7pm (et) 64 To Order Call: 1-800-372-4346 8am-9pm, ET Or Fax at: 1-800-732-7023 24 Hours

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Dental Sales Flyer - April 2012
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Dental Sales Flyer - April 2012