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Top Tips for a Greener Practice Environmentally Friendly Medical Practice Re-use Replace single-use cups, plates and utensils in the staff break room with reusable plasticware. Scott® 100% Recycled 2-Ply Bathroom Tissue 2 Ply, White, 41/2" x 41/2" Soft, long-lasting rolls are individually wrapped and lightly embossed. Convenience Case (643-6060) ................20 rolls/case Contains: 500 sheets per individually wrapped roll. Standard Case (643-9066) ................80 rolls/case Contains: 300 sheets per roll. Surpass® Flat 100% Recycled Fiber Facial Tissue (643-0680) .......................125/box Go Electronic Environmental benefits are another compelling reason to purchase an electronic health record (EHR). Consider all the folders, jackets, paper and metal shelving a paper-based medical record system requires. The production, delivery and eventual disposal of these materials leave an impact on the environment. If an EHR is not on your short-term agenda, you can still reduce paper consumption by: * Installing a document imaging system * Using e-prescribing * Receiving business office payments by electronic remittance * Receiving faxes directly into an electronic format * Using an electronic messaging system in the office Kleenex® Pop-Up® Box Hand Towels Convenient way to provide quality hand towels in a neat, maintenance-free, splash-proof box. It provides a more hygienic, waste reducing way to dispense towels. No mounted dispenser to load and maintain. The ideal alternative to messy stacks of paper towels. Great for use without permanent towel dispensers. * Made with 50% postconsumer recycled material * Meets EPA standards; FSC® and EcoLogo® certified * Water-resistant coating and poly-shield keeps box and towels from getting wet * No messy towel stacks on counters * Hygienic and sanitary-only touch the towel you use * Highly absorbent towels for exceptional hand drying * High capacity: 120 towels per box 1 Ply, 9" x 101/2" (108-3634)....................2160/case Contains: 120 sheets per box, 18 boxes per case. Dispose carefully Gather used batteries from all equipment and recycle them appropriately. Save power Install motion detectors on lights in bathrooms and storage areas. Capture natural light Figure out ways to harness natural light. SCOTT® SCOTTfold® M Towels * Meet EPA standards with a minimum of 40% postconsumer recycled fiber and total minimum of 50% recycled fiber * The ideal replacement for C-folds * Dispense one at a time * Eliminate tabbing and tearing * Easy to load #01980, Standard Case (643-2581) ............4375 per Case Contains: 175 sheets per pack, 25 packs per case. 15MS2749 Log on to 3

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