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® ® Scott Scott -fold M Towels * FSC certified product * Larger case size to reduce packaging waste * Meets EPA standards with a minimum of 40% postconsumer recycled fiber and total minimum of 50% recycled fiber * Delivers one-at-a-time dispensing every time 4375 Sheets per Case (643-8176) Scott® Multifold Towels #1804, 1 Ply, White, 9.4" x 9.25" * Made with 60% postconsumer recycled material * Meet EPA standards; FSC® and EcoLogo® certified * Designed to reduce waste and provide excellent hand drying with exclusive Absorbency Pockets™ that absorb lots of water fast * Fit into any multifold towel dispenser (101-2063)....................4000/case is going Green Environmentally Friendly Medical Practice Get Rid of Mercury Mercury was once ubiquitous in healthcare because of its usefulness to measure temperature and pressure. The silver metal found in common devices such as thermometers, thermostats and x-ray tubes can be dangerous to humans. Make an effort to reduce or eliminate the use of mercury in your practice. Contains: 250 sheets per package, 16 packages per case. Scott® Recycled Multifold Hand Towels 91/5" x 92/5" Made from 100% recycled fiber. Chlorine-free so no chlorine derivatives were used in the bleaching and de-inking process. (643-6256)....................2400/case Contains: 250 towels per package; 16 packages per carton. Henry Schein Recycle old equipment Donate equipment you no longer need to your local community clinic or locate a charity that needs it. (Avoid a security breach; remove and destroy your computer's hard drives before donating.) At minimum, recycle old equipment appropriately. Properly dispose of Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical pollution of the local water supply is a growing concern. Contact your community's household and hazardous waste office or the local hospital to inquire about the availability of a pharmaceutical take-back program that collects unwanted or expired medications to incinerate. ® Scott 100% Recycled Fiber Multifold Towels * Meets EPA standards * Minimum of 40% postconsumer recycled fiber * Total minimum of 50% recycled fiber * The ideal replacement for C-folds * Dispenses one at a time * Eliminates tabbing and tearing * Easy to load White, 91/5" x 92/5" (643-9657)....................4000/case Contains: 250 sheets per package; 16 packages per case. Get an audit Your local utility may have a program to conduct an on-site audit of your practice's energy usage that will provide tips to cut electrical, natural gas or heating oil costs. Scott® Perforated Roll Towels 1 Ply Daisy-embossed towel offers a preferred look for a reliable performer. A dependable 1-ply towel for spills and hand drying. 11" x 9.375", 125 Sheets/Roll (643-2531) ................20 rolls/case 4 To Order: 1.800.P.SCHEIN (1.800.772.4346) 8am-9pm, et * To Fax: 1.800.329.9109 24 Hrs 15MS2749

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