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FINISHING & POLISHING FINISHING & POLISHING ® Finishing and Polishing System Maestro Finishing & Polishing are the highest quality contouring, finishing and polishing abrasives that exceed the demands of dentists around the world. We have finishers and polishers for virtually every restorative material as well as natural dentition. - Composite Discs and Strips, in an easy-to-use color-coded system that will simplify your polishing procedures, create lifelike results and are ideal for all composites. - Single-Use or Two-Step systems for creating a mirror finish for all types of composites. - Porcelain, Acrylic and Amalgam/Gold Polishers. - Ceramic Abrasives for contouring zirconia and alumina. - Universal Green and White Stones for grinding, finishing and adjusting. Our stringent quality control standards ensure optimal contouring, finishing and polishing no matter what the material. And like all Henry Schein Brand products, Maestro Finishing & Polishing offers you maximum value without compromising quality. MAESTRO® FINISHING & POLISHING USAGE GUIDE CERAMIC ENAMEL SPRUE REMOVAL ACRYLICS ZIRCONIA TITANIUM AMALGAM METALS GOLD ® PORCELAIN COMPOSITE RESTORATIVE MATERIALS POLISHING ABRASIVES COMPOSITE DISCS AND STRIPS BEST DIAMOND STRIPS GOOD BEST GOOD AMALGAM/GOLD POLISHERS GOOD BEST PORCELAIN POLISHERS BEST SINGLE-USE COMPOSITE POLISHERS BEST GOOD GOOD BEST GOOD BEST BEST GOOD TWO-STEP DIAMOND COMPOSITE POLISHERS BEST GOOD GOOD GOOD ACRYLIC POLISHERS BEST SEPARATING DISCS BEST FINISHING ABRASIVES GREEN AND WHITE STONES CERAMIC ABRASIVES 50 BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST GOOD BEST BEST BEST GOOD BEST EXCELLENT VALUE • BROAD SELECTION • HIGH QUALITY

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Corporate Brand Dental Catalog 2013

Corporate Brand Dental Catalog 2013
Table of Contents
Burs – Carbide & Diamond
Cements & Liners
Core Material
Cosmetic Dentistry
Crown & Bridge
Equipment Parts
Finishing & Polishing
Impression Products
Infection Control
Laboratory Products
Matrix Materials
Miscellaneous A to Z
Pins & Posts
Retraction Materials
Rubber Dam
Small Equipment
Surgical Products
X-ray Products
Terms of Sale

Corporate Brand Dental Catalog 2013