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prophy paste SAVE UP TO $4 SAVE Up To $3, Plus... Buy Any 4 Bags of D-Lish Prophy Paste, GET Any 200 Angles FREE!* (please specify angles of your choice) D-Lish® Prophy Paste YOUNG DENTAL SAVE 5% Acclean® Prophy Paste 1.23% APF prophy paste in a nonsplattering formula. Rinses completely and easily. Superior polishing. Great tasting. Gluten-free. Unit-dose Cups .........200 per Box 24.99 4 Boxes@ 23.99 Specify: Xtra-Coarse Mint Coarse Bubble Gum Coarse Cherry Coarse Chocolate Coarse Cinnamon Coarse Mint Coarse Raspberry Coarse Strawberry Coarse Tangerine Coarse Vanilla Medium Bubble Gum Medium Cherry Medium Chocolate Medium Cinnamon Medium Mint Medium Raspberry Medium Strawberry Medium Tangerine Medium Vanilla Fine Bubble Gum Fine Raspberry Assorted Pack–Coarse Cherry, Mint & Raspberry Strawberry, Tangerine & Vanilla Assorted Pack–Medium Cherry, Mint & Raspberry Strawberry, Tangerine & Vanilla (101-3422-R2) (101-6366-R2) (101-1782-R2) (112-5521-R2) (112-5027-R2) (101-0353-R2) (104-3524-R2) (112-5525-R2) (112-5519-R2) (112-5523-R2) (101-6571-R2) (101-7106-R2) (112-5520-R2) (112-5026-R2) (101-6147-R2) (104-5811-R2) (112-5524-R2) (112-5518-R2) (112-5522-R2) (101-3642-R2) (104-9308-R2) (104-3525-R2) (112-5029-R2) (104-7243-R2) (112-5028-R2) Buy 4 Boxes, GET 1 Box VanillaMint Coarse FREE! (shipped with order) Hurry! Offer Expires 3/30/12! Enamel Pro® Prophy Paste PREMIER DENTAL Specify: Coarse Berry Bliss (707-0008-R2) Coarse Cherry (707-4431-R2) Coarse Cinnamon (707-3592-R2) Coarse Dreamsicle Orange (707-6637-R2) Coarse Fresh Strawberries (707-0794-R2) Coarse Grape (707-6950-R2) Coarse Key Lime (707-0011-R2) Coarse Mint (707-1052-R2) Medium Cinnamon (707-5101-R2) Medium Dreamsicle Orange (707-2357-R2) Medium Fresh Strawberries (707-7689-R2) Medium Grape (707-5971-R2) Medium Key Lime (707-0010-R2) Medium Mint (707-5270-R2) Fine Berry Bliss (707-0006-R2) Fine Dreamsicle Orange (707-7628-R2) Fine Fresh Strawberries (707-3845-R2) Fine Grape (707-5219-R2) Fine Key Lime (707-0009-R2) Fine Mint (707-5828-R2) Variety Packs Assorted Specify: Coarse (707-2812-R2) Fine (707-0813-R2) Medium (707-5052-R2) Contains: Berry Bliss, Cherry, Cinnamon, CocoaMint™, Dreamsicle Orange, Fresh Strawberries, Grape, Key Lime, Mint, Spearmint & Vanilla Mint. Mint Medley Assorted Specify: Fine (707-0012-R2) Coarse (707-0014-R2) Medium (707-0013-R2) Contains: CocoaMint™, Mint, Spearmint & Vanilla Mint. *To receive your FREE goods, send a copy of your Henry Schein invoice dated 2/6–3/30/12: Young Dental, P.O. Box 7926, Algonquin, IL 60102 or fax to: 1-847-458-0063. Request(s) must be received by 4/15/12. Please allow 6–8 weeks for processing. Qualifying purchase(s) must be on one invoice. Cannot be combined with other Young offer(s). Pumice-based formula allows for optimal stain removal while providing better rinsability and reduced splatter. Colored by grit for speedy identification and packaged in a resealable bag to maintain freshness. Contains 1.23% fluoride. Unit-Dose Cups.........200 per Box 4 Boxes@ PerfectPearl™ Prophy Paste TOTAL CARE 46.99 44.99 A prophy paste with fluoride that cleans and polishes. Using Perlite particles, the paste starts out coarse for cleaning and breaks down to polish teeth to a high gloss. Leaves a shinier surface to prevent biofilm buildup. Unit Dose Cups .........200 per Box 49.49 4 Boxes@ 48.49 Specify: Bubblegum (123-1168-R2) Mint (123-1166-R2) SAVE Up To $3, Plus... Buy 4 Boxes, GET 1 FREE!* The performance of NUPRO® Prophy Paste with the addition of NovaMin™, which contains calcium and phosphate ions to relieve sensitivity. Dye-free formula is available in Polish and Stain Removal grits to gently remove dental plaque and staining while immediately relieving sensitivity. Trial Package Fluoride Cups ............100 per Box 32.99 4 Boxes@ 31.99 Specify: Citrus Mint Polish Citrus Mint Stain Removal Peppermint Polish Peppermint Stain Removal Spearmint Polish Spearmint Stain Removal (555-0177-R2) (555-0178-R2) (555-0172-R2) (555-0175-R2) (555-0170-R2) (555-0171-R2) NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophy Paste DENTSPLY PROFESSIONAL Prophy paste containing ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate), which stimulates remineralization of the tooth enamel and prevents the loss of enamel. Enamel Pro® ..............200 per Box 57.99 4 Boxes@ 55.99 Specify: With Fluoride Extra Coarse Mint (378-1363-R2) Coarse Bubblegum (378-0038-R2) Coarse Cinnamon (378-8688-R2) Coarse Grape (378-8586-R2) Coarse Mint (378-8187-R2) Coarse Strawberry (378-3441-R2) Coarse Vanilla & Mint (378-0308-R2) Medium Bubblegum (378-5601-R2) Medium Cinnamon (378-5948-R2) Medium Grape (378-9480-R2) Medium Mint (378-7735-R2) Medium Strawberry (378-4974-R2) Medium Vanilla & Mint (378-0307-R2) Fine Bubblegum (378-5477-R2) Fine Cinnamon (378-7588-R2) Fine Grape (378-3699-R2) Fine Mint (378-1675-R2) Fine Strawberry (378-2501-R2) Fine Vanilla & Mint (378-0305-R2) Without Fluoride Coarse Mint (378-4426-R2) SAVE $3 Kolorz Prophy Paste DMG AMERICA ™ Fluoride Cups ............175 per Box 4 Boxes@ Specify: Citrus Mint Polish Citrus Mint Stain Removal Orange Polish Orange Stain Removal Peppermint Polish Peppermint Stain Removal Spearmint Polish Spearmint Stain Removal 56.99 54.99 Splatter-free fluoride formulation used for cleaning and polishing procedures as part of a professionally administered prophylaxis treatment. Gluten-, saccharin-, and aspartame-free. Sweetened with xylitol and sucralose. With Fluoride .............200 per Box 57.99 Specify: Coarse Cherry Burst (290-0006-R2) Coarse Cinnamon & Mint (290-0060-R2) Coarse Triple Mint (290-0007-R2) Medium Cherry Burst (290-0008-R2) Medium Cinnamon & Mint (290-0059-R2) Medium Triple Mint (290-0009-R2) Fine Bubblegum (290-0061-R2) Fine Triple Mint (290-8519-R2) Xtra Coarse Triple Mint (290-0011-R2) Kids Carnival Pack Medium (290-0012-R2) Fine (290-0013-R2) Contains: Cotton Candy & Blue Raspberry. (555-0152-R2) (555-0153-R2) (555-0157-R2) (555-0158-R2) (555-0149-R2) (555-0151-R2) (555-0147-R2) (555-0148-R2) Non-Fluoride Cups ....175 per Box 4 Boxes@ Specify: Orange Polish NF Orange Stain Removal NF Spearmint Polish NF Spearmint Stain Removal NF 56.99 54.99 (555-0164-R2) (555-0165-R2) (555-0160-R2) (555-0161-R2) *Purchase must be made from Henry Schein between 2/6–3/30/12. Offers must be redeemed by 4/15/12. To receive your FREE goods, mail your Henry Schein invoice noting free product(s) desired to: DENTSPLY, Attn.: 1st Quarter Offers, 1301 Smile Way, York, PA 17404 or fax, toll-free to: DENTSPLY, Attn.: 1st Quarter Offers, 1-800-278-4344. Limit 5 redemptions of each offer per Doctor. These offers may not be combined with any other DENTSPLY offers or contract agreements. Allow 4–6 weeks for delivery. Offer valid in 50 United States only. 30 Fax Your Order: 1.800.732.7023 24 Hours

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Dental Hygiene Source - February 2012
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Dental Hygiene Source - February 2012