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NEW LOW PRICE! Pen Model Exclusively from Henry Schein! Exclusively from Henry Schein! diagnostic equipment Classic Model NEW! VELscope® Vx LED DENTAL Cordless and compact, this unit implements the most popular fluorescence visualization technology for detecting oral disease, including cancer. Natural-tissue fluorescence is used to discover a wide range of oral mucosal abnormalities, including oral cancer, before they can be seen under ordinary white-light conditions. Used as an adjunct to routine oral soft-tissue exams. Completely noninvasive: no rinses or dyes. Only takes 1–2 minutes. Battery-operated and rechargeable unit also has a cord if needed. Compatible with standard digital cameras for photo documentation. 1-year warranty. Complete Unit (791-0012-R2)......................Ea. DIAGNOdent® Classic KAVO DENTAL High-Tech Laser Caries Detection Aid Measures photological changes in tooth structure caused by caries. Especially useful for pit-and-fissure areas, even when outer tooth surface is intact. Detects incipient lesions or subsurface lesions that are undiagnosed by conventional methods. Avoids “exploratory” excavation of healthy teeth. Uses light energy versus radiation with no danger posed to patient, operator, or staff. Compact and portable with user-friendly design. 1-year warranty. Dimensions: 120mm H x 150mm W x 110mm D Weight 0.6 Kg. Complete Unit (628-6150-R2).....................Ea. 2,388.99 Contains: Unit, fiber-optic tubing, 4 type "A" tips, sterilization cassette, autoclavable handpiece sheath, battery, holder, clinical guidelines, operating booklets, snap-in calibration disk & DVD with detailed user & patient information. SAVE $10 MyPerioPath®/ MyPerioID® PST® ORALDNA® LABS, INC. MyPerioPath® uses a saliva sample from an oral-rinse collection to identify the type and concentration of specific perio-pathogenic bacteria associated with periodontal disease. Clinician can use MyPerioPath® testing to assess bacterial risk to the patient, set bacterial goals for therapy, personalize therapy by targeting the specific bacterial cause, and monitor patient success on a biological level. MyPerioID® PST® uses a saliva sample from an oral-rinse collection to determine if a patient is genetically susceptible to periodontal disease. Patients that receive a positive result are at increased risk for more severe periodontal infections due to an exaggerated immune response. Complete Set (325-9748-R2).......................Ea. 189.99 DIAGNOdent® pen KAVO DENTAL Contains: 1 VELscope® Vx handpiece, 1 rechargeable battery, 1 charging cradle, 1 external power-supply brick, 1 AC power cord, 1 pair of patient safety glasses, 16 VELcaps, 16 VELsheaths, 50 VELscope Vx patient brochures, 50 Oral Cancer Foundation brochures, 1 step-by-step examination guide, 1 multilanguage CD & 1 training DVD. 2,749.99 Same features as the classic DIAGNOdent, yet with added mobility. Portable, handheld, pen-like device can be moved easily from room to room. Integrated loudspeaker with intensity control emits audible tone. Displays current and peak (maximum) readings. Uses 1 AA battery. 1-year warranty. Complete Unit (628-3400-R2) ....................Ea. 2,388.99 Contains: 1 DIAGNOdent pen unit, 2 occlusal tips (1002.6967), 2 sterilizable grip sleeves (1002.7003), 1 removable "C" standard calibration disk (1002.7020), DIAGNOdent pen tip sterilization cassette & 1 business reply card to receive additional 2 occlusal tips at no charge. Disposable Starter Kit (791-0015-R2)......................Ea. Contains: 2 boxes of VELcaps Vx & 1 box of VELsheaths Vx. 399.99 Contains: 12 salivary collection supplies that can be used for either MyPerioPath® or MyPerioID® PST® testing (or both tests can be run off the same sample). NOTE: Fees for test completion are not included. Exclusively from Henry Schein! Exclusively from Henry Schein! NEW! SAVE $35 VELscope® Vx Camera System LED DENTAL SAVE $10.00 Uses salivary fluid from an oral-rinse collection to assess a patient’s risk for developing oral cancer based on the presence of specific genotypes of the human papillomavirus genome. If the patient receives a positive result, it indicates that they are at a significantly higher risk to develop oral cancer. Complete Set (325-8317-R2) .......................Ea. DIAGNOdent pen Display 2191 KAVO DENTAL Optimized to meet your needs and expanded with the DIAGNOdent pen display. By means of pen's infrared interface, the pen's signals and values are shown both on the handpiece and the display so measurements are easily visible to you and your patients. Display also serves as a holder for the pen when not in use. (628-8872-R2).....................Ea. As a companion to the VELscope Vx, this digital camera attachment system enables the user to take high-quality fluorescent and white-light pictures for photo documentation, tracking of lesion progression, and facilitating communication with a specialist when a referral is necessary. This 12-megapixel Canon® camera easily attaches to the VELscope and provides a seamless connection with both MAC and PC systems. Camera Kit Only (791-0018-R2)......................Ea. 499.99 Contains: 1 camera, 1 USB cable, 1 AV cable, 1 adapter, 1 memory card disk, 1 battery pack, 1 battery charger, 1 wrist strap, 1 quick-start guide, 1 CD & 1 instruction booklet. OraRiskSM HPV ORALDNA® LABS, INC. 659.99 189.99 Display can only be used with DIAGNOdent pen with integrated infrared connection. Contains: 12 salivary collection supplies for OraRiskSM HPV testing. NOTE: The fees for test completion are not included. To Order, Call Us Toll-Free: 1.800.372.4346 8am–9pm, et 39

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