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floss & flossers Buy 2 of the Same, GET 1 FREE! (shipped with order) Single-strand Teflon™ fiber and microcrystalline coating slide easily between tight areas without shredding. Designed to make daily flossing easy and comfortable. ADA seal of acceptance. Mint flavor. Trial Size–3 yd. (543-0112-R2)..............72 per Box 29.99 3 Boxes@ 22.99 Colgate® Total® Floss COLGATE ORAL PHARMACEUTICALS UP TO $2.50 SAVE Hurry! Offer Expires 3/30/12! REACH® Gentle Gum Care JOHNSON & JOHNSON Contains patented MICRODENT®, which delivers an invigorating burst of freshness for a clean, fresh-mouth feel. Gentle on gingival tissues. Expands to trap and remove plaque; slides easily between teeth. Patient Trial Size–Mint Fluoride–#9337–5 yd. (555-8253-R2) ...........144 per Box 45.49 4 Boxes@ 44.49 DenTek® Fun Flossers DENTEK ORAL CARE Angled child's flosser, with Wild Fruit-flavored, fluoride-coated floss, makes it easy to reach all teeth. Ergonomic handle design makes flossing easier for parents and kids. Available in bright colors and fun shapes to promote healthy teeth and gums at an early age. Dispenser Box–3 per Pkg. (760-1185-R2)......48 Pkg. per Box Refill Value Bag–3 per Pkg. (760-0001-R2) ...144 Pkg. per Bag Buy 6 of the Same, GET 1 FREE! (shipped with order) Hurry! Offer Expires 3/30/12! Buy 2 Cases, GET 1 FREE! (shipped with order) Hurry! Offer Expires 6/30/12. REACH® Total Care Floss JOHNSON & JOHNSON 15.99 36.99 Glide® Deep Clean Floss PROCTER & GAMBLE Broader fiber delivers up to 90% more microtextured surface area than Glide Original Dental Floss.* Patient Trial Samples 4 Meter–Mint (111-8144-R2) ..............72 per Box 28.99 15 Meter–Mint (109-9945-R2) .............72 per Box *TC&U CMKOUSO4Aof8 (shipped with order) Microgroove™ technology allows floss to slide easily, yet it is soft and gentle on gums. Single-filament design traps and dislodges plaque without fraying. Wide cleaning surface is flexible, pliable and gentle on the fingers. Listerine® #9130 (555-0101-R2)............72 per Case 21.99 Buy 3 Boxes of Braces Clean, GET 1 Box of Easy Brush FREE! (shipped with order) Hurry! Offer Expires 3/30/12! 56.99 Buy 3 of the Same, GET 1 FREE! (shipped with order) Buy 3, GET 1 FREE! Hurry! Offer Expires 3/30/12! Hurry! Offer Expires 5/31/12! Plackers® Micro Mint™ Flossers–RANIR Refreshing Micro Mint™ flavored flosser provides a fresh, clean feel. Super Tuffloss® high-performance floss slides easily between tight teeth. Protected pick folds away safely. DenTek® Braces Clean Angled Floss Picks DENTEK ORAL CARE Glide® Threader Floss PROCTER & GAMBLE Dispenser Box–3 per Pkg. (308-0018-R2) .....48 Pkg. per Box Refill Pack–3 per Pkg. (308-0016-R2) ...144 Pkg. per Box 14.99 35.99 Unflavored dental floss with a built-in threading device to aid patients with bridges, braces, and implants. Single-Use Packets (109-0833-R2) ...........150 per Box 24.99 Designed for easier flossing for those with braces. Shred-proof floss with an advanced fluoride coating that slides easily under brace wire. Angled design to easily reach back teeth. Bristled pick allows for advanced interdental cleaning. 2 per Pkg. (760-0015-R2) ...144 Pkg. per Bag 49.99 Buy 2 Boxes, GET 1 FREE! (shipped with order) SAVE 5% FLOSS THREADERS Hurry! Offer Expires 3/30/12! GUM® Eez-Thru® Flossers SUNSTAR AMERICAS, INC. Bridge Aid Dental Floss Threaders–FLOSS AID 10 per Envelope (278-4639-R2) ...100 Env. per Box NEW! Justin Bieber Flossers ASHTEL DENTAL Fun, microphone-shaped flossers, with Justin Bieber's signature, are durable and feature a good grip to remove the plaque between teeth. 4 per Pkg. (123-1590-R2) .......9 Pkg. per Bag 5.49 32.49 Floss slides easily between teeth and resists shredding, breaking or sagging. Multiple filaments provide a textured surface for more tooth contact. 3 per Pkg.–Mint Flavored (712-9915-R2) .....48 Pkg. Per Box 15.29 6 Fax Your Order: 1.800.732.7023 24 Hours

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Dental Hygiene Source - February 2012
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Dental Hygiene Source - February 2012