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PALMERO HEALTH CARE disposables SAVE SAVE Up To $4 $1 Paper Cups Environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. Avoids leaks with interior coated design. Polycoated 5 oz. ......................1000 per Case 44.99 Specify: Breast Cancer Awareness (Pink Ribbons) (900-4211-TE) Henry Schein Cares (Red Hearts) (112-5051-TE) SAVE Up To 10% Versi-Wipe™ Dry Towelettes Can be used as a dry or moist wipe. Add choice of solution and create custom wipes. An OSHA-compliant label with blank fill-in areas is attached, so any chemical solution used with the towelettes may be written in and accurately labeled. 6" x 63/4" (134-5974-TE) .........160 per Cont. 14.29 Patient Bibs Horizontal embossing that offers additional surface space for greater absorption and softness. Protects patient's clothes. Supports both causes. (2-Ply Tissue/1-Ply Poly) 13" x 18"..................500 per Case 47.49 5 Cases@ 46.49 Specify: Henry Schein Cares (Red Hearts) Breast Cancer Awareness (Pink Ribbons) SAVE $1 (112-5040-TE) (900-4274-TE) Refreshing™ Patient Facial Towelettes A lightly scented facial wipe to refresh either the patient or staff after exams and procedures. Great for use in any professional setting and for quick cleanups. Specially formulated with lanolin to moisturize skin as it cleans. 6" x 63/4" (134-4020-TE) ...........140 per Box 12.79 SAVE $2 SAVE Up To 10% Hello Kitty® Paper Cups MEDICOM 5 oz. (110-7752-TE) .......1000 per Case Napkin Chain Coiled material is flexible and expandable. Pink to support breast cancer awareness and Red to support Henry Schein Cares. Napkin Chains ..............3 per Pkg. 11.49 Specify: Pink (112-4879-TE) Red (112-4880-TE) 51.99 SAVE $1.50 SAVE $1 Buy 6, GET 1 FREE! (shipped with order) ™ TIDI Tooth Cups TIDI® PRODUCTS Paper–Waxed–5 oz. (100-3253-TE).........500 per Case Hurry! Offer Expires 3/30/12! Canister Holder Convenient wall-mounted canister holder saves counter space. Accommodates most alginate canisters. (134-6430-TE) .........................Ea. 13.99 33.49 Bib-Eze Disposable Bib Holders DUX DENTAL Use a separate bib holder for each new bib. Never clean a bib chain again and avoid the risk of built-up contaminants on bib chains. Adhesive ends easily attach to any bib. Stretches to a comfortable fit every patient without sharp edges or cold chains. (135-7269-TE) ..........250 per Pkg. 12.29 SAVE 5% Up To $3.50 SAVE Tray Covers Heavyweight covers provide extra thickness and increased strength, yet have low absorbency. To support breast cancer awareness, they are available in white with a pink-ribbon imprint. 81/2" x 121/4"–Ritter "B" (900-4273-TE) .........1000 per Box 44.49 5 Boxes@ 43.49 SAVE 5% Everyday Endo/Prophy Patient Bibs TIDI® PRODUCTS Provide substantial coverage with a poly barrier sandwiched between 2 layers of tissue to help protect endo patients from drops of sodium hypochlorite and other fluids. Contoured neck extends coverage over arms and shoulders. (2-Ply Tissue/1-Ply Poly) 29" x 21"..................100 per Case 31.49 Specify: Blue (111-6993-TE) Lavender (111-7031-TE) Mauve (111-7032-TE) TIDI TOOTH™ Tray Cover TIDI® PRODUCTS Increase charting accuracy and efficiency with this illustrative tray cover, which simplifies note-taking during patient exams. 81/2" x 121/4"–Ritter “B” (895-2799-TE) .........1000 per Box 48.49 To Order, Call Us Toll-Free: 1.800.372.4346 8am–9pm, et 15

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Dental Hygiene Source ADHA - February 2012
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Dental Hygiene Source ADHA - February 2012