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power brushes COVER SPECIAL Buy 10 of the Same, GET 2 FREE! Plus 1 Case (48) .36 mL Crest Pro-Health Multi-Rinse FREE! (shipped with order) Hurry! Offer Expires 3/30/12! Buy 10, GET 2 FREE! Plus 1 Case (48) .36 mL Crest Pro-Health Multi-Rinse FREE! (shipped with order) Hurry! Offer Expires 3/30/12! UP TO 12% SAVE NEW! Acclean® Rechargeable Power Toothbrush Rechargeable electric toothbrush with oscillating motion aids in the cleaning of teeth and gums. Brush head surrounds each tooth to easily and thoroughly clean all tooth surfaces. Handle pulsates every 2 minutes to inform user that the recommended brushing time has been reached. Unit (112-5611-TE) ..........................Ea. 18.99 6@ 17.99 Contains: 1 handle, 1 charging unit & 1 brush refill. Oral-B® ProfessionalCare® SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide™–ORAL-B The only brushing system with a wireless, sink-top LCD screen. Visibly guides patients toward improving their brushing habits by providing real-time feedback to encourage longer brushing sessions. Features 5 customized modes: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Polish, Massage and Deep Clean with a 3-minute timer at 45-second intervals. Oscillating, rotational brush technology also includes a pressure sensor to promote healthier gums. FlossAction® brush head with MicroPulse™ bristles gently clean between teeth and along gum line. Recognizes usage and advises when brush head has reached optimal cleaning performance. Features the patented "Smart Technology" where the brush head, handle, and visual display work together and provide instant feedback to the brushing experience. Patient Kit (325-0015-TE) .........................Ea. 93.99 Contains: 1 handle, 1 SmartGuide™, 1 Smart Charger, 1 base station, 2 FlossAction® brush heads, 1 sensitive brush head, 1 PowerTip® brush head, 1 instructional DVD & 1 travel case. Pulsonic® Power Toothbrush ORAL-B Sonic technology in a lightweight and slim-handle design. Features 2 customized settings–sensitive and clean mode–for cleaning the gums, tongue and teeth. Professional timer signals in 30-second intervals to encourage brushing all 4 quadrants of the mouth and indicates when the professionally recommended 2-minute brush time has been reached. Rechargeable. Single-Handle Unit (111-8904-TE) ..........................Ea. 51.99 Contains: 2-mode handle, charging station, Pulsonic™ brush head & Precision Tip™ brush head. Refill Brushes (112-5609-TE) ..............3 per Pkg. 12 Pkg.@ 14.99 13.99 UP TO 12% SAVE NEW! Acclean® Brushhead Refills Multileveled bristles aid the effective cleaning of teeth, gums, and below the gum line. Brush heads have color-identifier rings in blue, green, and red. Fits most rechargeable power toothbrushes except for the batteryoperated and sonic versions. Compatible with all Oral-B® power toothbrushes except CrossAction Power® and Sonic Complete®. Refill Brushes (112-5609-TE) ..............3 per Pkg. 14.99 12 Pkg.@ 13.99 UP TO 15% SAVE Ortho Patient Kit (325-0016-TE) .........................Ea. ™ 93.99 Contains: 1 handle, 1 SmartGuide , 1 Smart Charger, 1 base station, 2 ortho brush heads, 2 PowerTip® brush heads & 1 travel case. Spinbrush® Pro Clean CHURCH & DWIGHT Features a dual-action brush head and a combination of an oscillating upper head and lower head that moves back and forth for greater cleaning. Soft (114-2606-TE)..........................Ea. 6.99 24 (Case) @ 5.99 Buy 10, GET 2 FREE! Plus 1 Case (48) .36 mL Crest Pro-Health Multi-Rinse FREE! (shipped with order) Hurry! Offer Expires 3/30/12! Oral-B® ProfessionalCare® 3000–ORAL-B Removes up to 97% of plaque from hard-to-reach places.* Helps prevent and reverse gingivitis. Visual pressure indicator on the handle lets patients know when they are brushing too hard. Features 3 brushing modes: Daily Clean, Sensitive, and Whitening. Naturally whitens teeth in 21 days.** Dual-Handle Unit (325-0064-TE) .........................Ea. UP TO 10% SAVE UP TO 20% SAVE NEW! Acclean® Sonic Brushhead Refills Contoured brush head with slim, angled neck design provides exceptional cleaning of all tooth surfaces and deep between teeth. Designed to fit the Philips® Sonicare® powerbrush-handle models: Advance A4000, Essence E5000, Elite E7000 and E9000, and Xtreme E3000. (112-5610-TE)...............2 per Pkg. 18.99 6 Pkg.@ 17.99 Sonicare® is a registered trademark of Philips®. GUM® Rotapower Power Toothbrush SUNSTAR AMERICAS, INC. Affordable, battery-operated toothbrush with oscillating bristles and a compact head cleans teeth and below the gum line, even in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Soft bristles are easy on gums and tooth enamel. Lightweight with one-button operation for ON/OFF. Batteries included. (712-9857-TE)..........................Ea. 6.49 12@ 5.29 79.99 Contains: 2 handles with pressure indicator, 1 charging station, 2 Precision Clean™ brush heads & 2 PowerTip® brush heads. *Based on a single-use brushing study. **Via surface-stain removal. 8 Fax Your Order: 1.800.732.7023 24 Hours

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Dental Hygiene Source ADHA - February 2012
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Dental Hygiene Source ADHA - February 2012