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Infection Control SAVE UP TO 8% SAVE CaviCide1™ KERRTOTALCARE UP TO 15% Anti-Fluid Earloop Face Masks RICHMOND DENTAL Earloop Procedure Masks–Low Barrier Light, comfortable mask for extended wear. Three-ply, soft, nonirritating inner and outer facing. • Fluid resistant • Full-width, flexible nosepiece provides fit and security • Fiberglass-free 9.99 Procedure Masks....50 per Box 6 Boxes (Case)@ 9.49 Specify: Blue White Lavender Pink Yellow SAVE Up To 10%, Plus... Buy 4 Refills, Get 2 Canisters of CaviWipes1™ FREE!* Three-ply, spunbond fabric offers comfort and breathability. • Fluid resistant • Fiberglass-free • Made in the USA 11.49 Masks .....................50 per Box 6 Boxes (Case) @ 10.49 Specify: Pink (754-6105-CAC) Lavender (754-0001-CAC) Blue (754-8570-CAC) ASTM:Level 1 l PFE:>95% @ 1.0 micron (µ) l BFE:>95% Ready-to-use, single-step, low-alcohol surface disinfectant that offers a 1-minute TB kill claim and more than 25 other clinically relevant organisms, including norovirus. Safe for use on all dental operatory surfaces. Satisfies OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. Nontoxic and bleach-, phenol-, and fragrance-free. Spray Bottle 5.49 (640-0020-CAC)...............8 oz. 14.99 (640-0018-CAC) .............24 oz. 12 x 24 oz. (Case) @ 13.99 Refills 36.99 (640-0019-CAC) ................Gal. 4 x 1 Gal. (Case) @ 35.99 (640-0017-CAC)..............5 Gal. Contains: 2–21/2 gal. bottles. 144.99 *Purchase must be made from Henry Schein between 7/8 and 8/30/13. Offers must be redeemed by 9/30/13. Send a copy of invoice to: Kerr, fax 1-888-727-2614 or E-mail (104-3809-CAC) (104-6611-CAC) (104-8600-CAC) (104-3730-CAC) (104-2849-CAC) SAVE SAVE UP TO 10% 8% SAVE Nemesis Safety Eyewear KIMBERLY-CLARK HEALTHCARE UP TO 10% Sure Tip® Disposable air/water syringe tip. Durable, all-plastic construction. Dry air every time, no water leaking. Clear plastic allows visibility of water flow. No adapter or converter kit needed with original equipment. Will fit most models of air/water syringes if not previously converted to disposable tips. 48.99 (102-8981-CAC)...250 per Pkg. 4 Pkg.@ 46.99 A stylish, lightweight, durable frame that features an antifogging single lens with wraparound protection. Frames are extremely flexible and provide ultimate comfort due to a smaller nosepiece and wider bridge. Meets ANSI Z87.1+ Impact Standard for eyewear. Black 10.99 (153-0296-CAC) .................Ea. Camo 11.99 (153-0297-CAC)..................Ea. SAVE Up To 13%, Plus... Buy 6, Get 1 FREE!* Glove 'n Care® Hand Cream EDS Specifically formulated with ingredients mined from the mineral-rich Dead Sea, the source of natural skin care secrets for over 2000 years. Helps alleviate raw, chapped skin caused by the use of latex gloves and excessive hand washing. Longlasting. Leaves hands feeling soft and silky smooth even after multiple washings. Lightly fragranced. Tube (876-0178-CAC) ............3.4 oz. 6 x 3.4 oz. (Case)@ Pump Bottle (876-5287-CAC) ............8.5 oz. 4 x 8.5 oz. (Case)@ 7.99 7.49 24.99 24.49 SAVE Birex™ Disinfecting Wipes BIOTROL SAVE UP TO 15% Cover Gowns Full-length gown made of fluid-resistant, nonwoven polypropylene material. Full cut, open neck, open back, and waist ties. Sewn neck binder and knit cuffs. 18.99 Gowns....................10 per Pkg. 5 Pkg. (Case)@ 17.99 Specify: Blue, Medium/Large Blue, X-Large Pink, Small/Medium Pink, Large 26 (100-5870-CAC) (100-5806-CAC) (100-6784-CAC) (100-9392-CAC) Birex chemistry now available in a ready-to-use wipe to clean and disinfect the dental operatory. Alcohol-free formulation will not crack or dry out upholstery. Meets CDC guidelines for hospital-level disinfection in 10 minutes. Kills H1N1 (influenza A/Brazil). Tuberculocidal, virucidal, bactericidal, and fungicidal. Lemon scent. Large–6" x 63/4" (247-0039-CAC) ......240 per Canister 13.99 12 Canisters (Case) @ 12.99 *To receive your FREE goods, send a copy of your Henry Schein invoice dated 7/8/13–8/30/13 to: Biotrol, P.O. Box 7926, Algonquin, IL 60102 or fax to: 1-847-458-0063. Request(s) must be received by 9/30/13. Please allow 6–8 weeks for processing. Qualifying purchase(s) must be on one invoice. Promotional items are subject to change. Fax Your Order: UP TO $3 CIDEX PLUS® 28-Day Solution ADVANCED STERILIZATION PRODUCTS A JOHNSON & JOHNSON CO. • Rapid 20-minute soak time at 25ºC for high-level disinfection including TB • Noncorrosive to instruments • Contains 3.4% glutaraldehyde with odor suppressant • Effective in the presence of 2% organic soil • Test strips available to verify minimum effective concentration • Sterilization 10 hours 24.99 (555-0498-CAC) ..................Qt. 4 Qt. (Case)@ 23.99 (555-4973-CAC) ................Gal. 4 Gal. (Case)@ 1.800.732.7023 24 Hours 38.99 36.99

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Dental Hygiene Source - July 2013
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Dental Hygiene Source ADHA - July 2013