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Power Toothbrushes SAVE $5, Plus...Buy 12 InteliSonic™ Toothbrushes, GET 10–2 Pkgs. of Brush Refills FREE!* HURRY! Offer expires 8/30/13 Buy 1 Pro-Health™ Gingivitis System, GET 1 Case of Mint Pro-Health Toothpaste FREE! (shipped with order) SAVE HURRY! Offer expires 8/30/13 UP TO $3 Ultreo® Ultrasound Toothbrush ULTREO, INC. InteliSonic™ Sonic Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer DENTISTRX Harnesses the power of sonic technology and is clinically proven to reduce plaque better than a leading sonic toothbrush and a manual toothbrush. It delivers a comfortable yet powerful cleaning experience, leaving patients with cleaner and whiter teeth, healthier gums, and fresher breath. Features an integrated UV sanitizer and built-in brushhead storage compartment. Single-Handle Unit 64.99 (931-0012-CAC)..................Ea. Contains: 1 InteliSonic power toothbrush, 1 charging base with UV sanitizer, 2 Tri-Peak bristle heads, 2 travel caps, 1 travel case & 1 instructional manual. Brush Refills (931-0013-CAC).......2 per Pkg. 11.29 *To receive your FREE goods fax or e-mail your Henry Schein Dental invoice dated 7/8–8/30/13 to DentistRx: E-mail or fax: 404-591-7944. Invoices must be received by 9/30/13. The only power toothbrush to combine patented Ultrasound Waveguide Technology with sonic bristle motion. Proven to remove up to 95% of hard-to-reach plaque in the first minute of brushing. Removes stains for a naturally whiter smile in just 14 days. Reduces gingivitis in just 30 days and is significantly more effective in reducing gingivitis than a manual toothbrush. The result is an amazingly gentle brushing experience and a deep, long-lasting feeling of clean. Single-Handle Unit (513-0000-CAC) .................Ea. 132.99 Contains: 1 of each: Ultreo ultrasound toothbrush, ultrasound brush head, ultracompact charger base, detachable wall plug, ultrasound Waveguide protector, premium travel caddy & owner's manual. Brush Head–Single Pack (513-0001-CAC)..................Ea. 29.99 Brush Head–Double Pack (513-0002-CAC) ......2 per Pkg. The Pro-Health™ Clinical Gingivitis System PROCTER & GAMBLE Power-regimen bundles packaged together. Clinically tested to virtually eliminate gingivitis. Each bundle contains: • 1 Oral-B® ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 Electric Toothbrush with SmartGuide® • 1–4 oz. tube of Crest® Pro-Health™ Clinical Gum Protection Toothpaste • 1–15 meter roll of Oral-B® Glide® Pro-Health™ Clinical Protection Floss • 1–250 mL bottle of Crest® Pro-Health™ Multi-Protection Rinse $78.33 per Patient Bundle 234.99 (325-0087-CAC) .....3 per Case 57.99 Buy 5 Sensonic® Toothbrushes, GET 1 FREE! (shipped with order) SAVE $5, Plus... Buy 12 Revolation™ Power Toothbrushes, GET 10 Brush Refills FREE!* Sensonic® Professional Plus Toothbrush WATER PIK, INC. Revolation™ Power Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer DENTISTRX Revolving 360° power toothbrush with supersoft bristles provides a continuous spinning and sweeping motion. Effectively removes plaque in hard-to-reach areas while it naturally whitens teeth. Includes UV sanitizer and 3 unique brush heads. A built-in timer guides patients through the ADA recommended 2-minute brushing cycle. The added benefit of 30-second intervals ensures that every section of the mouth receives a thorough and effective brushing. Single-Handle Unit 64.99 (931-0011-CAC) ..................Ea. Contains: 1 Revolation™ toothbrush, 1 charging base with UV sanitizer, 3 brush heads (1 of each: Everyday, Perio & Ortho) & 1 travel case. Brush Refills .......................Ea. 10@ 10.49 9.49 Specify: Everyday (931-0014-CAC) Perio (931-0015-CAC) Ortho (931-0016-CAC) *To receive your FREE goods fax or e-mail your Henry Schein Dental invoice dated 7/8–11/29/13 to DentistRx: E-mail or fax: 404-591-7944. Invoices must be received by 12/13/13. 8 HURRY! Offer expires 8/30/13 SAVE $3 Oral-B® Kids Pro-Health For Me® System PROCTER & GAMBLE/ ORAL-B Regimen Kid's Bundle with rechargeable electric toothbrush, toothpaste, rinse, and floss picks. Facilitates improved home care for tween patients. Each bundle contains: • 1 Oral-B® Vitality Pro-Health For Me® Electric Toothbrush • 1–4.2 oz. Crest® Pro-Health For Me® Toothpaste • 1–16.9 oz. Crest® Pro-Health For Me® Rinse • 1–45-count Oral-B® Pro-Health For Me® Floss Picks • 1 Pro-Health For Me® Backpack Clinch Bag $29.99 per Patient Bundle 89.99 (325-0132-CAC) .....3 per Case Fax Your Order: Bristle speed is 25% faster than Sonicare® FlexCare, with clinical research confirming it is 29% more effective at removing plaque and up to 26% more effective at improving gingival bleeding. Provides superior oral health benefits and advanced features like an ergonomic handle, 3 unique brush heads, 2 speed settings for gentle cleaning or maximum plaque removal, and a deluxe recharge indicator gauge. Features a 2-minute brushing timer with 30-second intervals to ensure adequate brushing time throughout the mouth. Also included is a premium, convenient, hard-sided travel case and hygienic brush-head covers. Single-Handle Unit #SR-3000 (311-0053-CAC)..................Ea. 59.99 Contains: 1 sonic electric toothbrush, 1 charging station, 3 brush heads (1 standard, 1 compact & 1 interdental), 2 hygiene brush covers & 1 deluxe travel case. Brush Refills ............3 per Pkg. Specify: Compact (311-0057-CAC) Standard (311-0056-CAC) 1.800.732.7023 24 Hours 15.99

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Dental Hygiene Source - July 2013
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Dental Hygiene Source ADHA - July 2013