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In-Office Fluorides SAVE Buy 3 of the Same, GET 1 FREE! UP TO 26% (shipped with order) HURRY! Offer expires 3/29/14. Colgate® Prevident® Varnish 5% Sodium Fluoride COLGATE ORAL PHARMACEUTICALS ACCLEAN® 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish 5% sodium-fluoride varnish is simple to apply. Premeasured unit-dose cups fit easily into enclosed finger ring, and varnish applies effortlessly with included Microbrush® applicator. This easy-to-use, pearlized white varnish sets on contact with saliva and dries to a natural tooth color. Formulated with only natural sweeteners and xylitol. Delivers the highest fluoride concentration available (compare to nonvarnish fluorides.) Unit Dose-0.5 mL.........50 per Box 72.99 NET 3+1= 54.74 Specify: Bubblegum (112-4869-BBM) Cherry (112-4868-BBM) Raspberry (112-5963-BBM) Contains: 50 unit-dose cups, 50 Microbrush® applicators & 1 finger ring. SAVE Up To $15, Plus... Buy 3, GET 1 FREE!* Kolorz™ ClearShield™ 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish DMG AMERICA Goes on clear with no yellow discoloration for greater patient acceptance. Its 5% sodium fluoride formula offers long-lasting relief from dental hypersensitivity. Contains xylitol and is saccharin-free and gluten-free. 52.99 Unit Dose-0.4 mL ......35 per Box 3 Boxes @ 51.99 Specify: NET 3+1= 38.99 Bubblegum (201-0183-BBM) Watermelon (201-4705-BBM) Mint (201-0300-BBM) Bulk Pack-0.4 mL ...200 per Box Specify: NET 3+1= Bubblegum (201-0185-BBM) Watermelon (201-0184-BBM) Mint (201-0301-BBM) 262.49 196.86 *To receive your FREE goods, please fax a copy of your Henry Schein invoice dated 2/3-3/29/14 to: 1-201-894-0213. All offers must be redeemed within 30 days of purchase. 16 SAVE Up To $10, Plus... Buy 10-50 Packs, GET 4-48 Mixed Packs FREE!* OR Buy 2-200 Packs, GET 1-48 Mixed Pack FREE!* Delivers 5% sodium fluoride (22,600 ppm) to the tooth, which is clinically proven for hypersensitivity relief. Convenient, unit-dose treatment sets rapidly on contact with saliva and dries transparently on teeth. Unit Dose-0.4 mL.........50 per Box 87.99 3 Boxes @ 65.49 Specify: Mint Raspberry (543-0120-BBM) (543-0121-BBM) Bulk Pack-0.4 mL .....150 per Pkg. 199.99 3 Pkg. @ 149.99 Specify: Mint Raspberry (543-4811-BBM) (543-2267-BBM) ProFluorid® Varnish VOCO 5% sodium fluoride varnish delivers with enhanced flow characteristics for hard-to-reach areas. Single-dose delivery system adheres to moist surface and sets quickly after contact with saliva. White, transparent varnish without yellow discoloration immediately releases fluoride to relieve hypersensitivity. Contains no saccharin, aspartame, or gluten. All flavors now available in tubes. Single Dose-0.25 mL-Kids-Melon 80.99 (840-9282-BBM) ....50 per Box Single Dose-0.4 mL-Adults Assorted Flavors 81.99 (999-1366-BBM).....48 per Box Contains: Caramel, Cherry, Melon & Mint. SAVE Up To $50, Plus... Buy Any 3-50, 100 or 1000 ct. Boxes, GET 1 of the Same FREE!* Vanish™ 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish with Tri-Calcium Phosphate 3M ESPE White varnish, enhanced with tricalcium phosphate, becomes virtually invisible after application. Saliva-activated formula adheres to dry or moist teeth and will spread after application due to the patented formula, which allows migration to tooth surfaces. Indicated to treat hypersensitive teeth, exposed dentin, and root-surface sensitivity. Trial Pack-0.5 mL .......50 per Box 125.99 6 Boxes (Case)@ 113.99 94.49 NET 3+1= Single Dose-0.4 mL Adults......................50 per Box Specify: Caramel Cherry Melon Mint (999-1362-BBM) (999-1363-BBM) (840-9285-BBM) (999-1364-BBM) Single Dose-0.4 mL Adults....................200 per Box Specify: Caramel Cherry Melon Mint 272.99 (999-1367-BBM) (999-1369-BBM) (999-1370-BBM) (999-1368-BBM) 10 mL Tube .........................Ea. Specify: Caramel Cherry Melon Mint 81.99 25.99 (999-1669-BBM) (999-1670-BBM) (114-3932-BBM) (999-1671-BBM) *See back cover for redemption information. Buy 2, GET 1 FREE!* Specify: Cherry (737-0016-BBM) Melon (737-0018-BBM) Mint (737-0017-BBM) Clinic Pack-0.5 mL ...100 per Box 206.99 NET 3+1= 155.24 Specify: Cherry Melon Mint (737-0019-BBM) (737-0021-BBM) (737-0020-BBM) Bulk Pack-0.5 mL 1000 per Box .............................. 1,344.99 NET 3+1= 1,008.74 Specify: Cherry Melon Mint Assorted (500 Cherry & 500 Melon) Assorted (400 Melon, 400 Cherry & 200 Mint) (737-0022-BBM) (737-0024-BBM) (737-0023-BBM) (737-0025-BBM) (737-0026-BBM) *To receive your FREE goods, send or fax a copy of your Henry Schein invoice dated 2/3-3/29/14 to: 3M Customer Service, P.O. Box 19582, Irvine, CA 92623-9582 or fax to: 1-800-540-7497. Specify free goods selection, include your business phone and mail or fax by 4/30/14. Offer valid only in the United States. MI Varnish™ Topical Fluoride Varnish GC AMERICA Formulated with Recaldent™ CPP-ACP, a topical fluoride varnish with calcium and phosphate. Can be used for treating dentinal hypersensitivity. Excellent translucency remains on the tooth surface longer than conventional fluoride varnishes. Each mL contains 50 mg. of sodium fluoride. Unit Dose-0.5 mL ......50 per Box 115.99 NET 2+1= 77.32 Specify: Fresh Mint (333-3388-BBM) Strawberry (333-3225-BBM) *See page 18 for Redemption Information.

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Dental Hygiene Source ADHA - February 2014
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Dental Hygiene Source ADHA - February 2014