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Help Your Patients Achieve Optimal Oral Health GUM® Soft-Picks® All GUM® Adult Manual Toothbrushes** GUM® Technique® Deep Clean Original Original Extremely Tapered Bristles (ETB) penetrate 2.8 mm into the sulcus.1 Ultra Tight Tight Wide Moderate NEW Buy 3 Boxes of the Same, $27.99 GET 1 box FREE!* Shipped with order Moderate Wide Variety FREE! * Shipped with order Wider See pages 884 & 885 of the Henry Schein Dental merchandise catalog for a full product listing. GUM® Eez-Thru® Floss Threaders are now available for Wider Spaces * Soft bristles remove plaque and food as well as massage gums * Versatile nylon loop helps patients thread Specify: (712-0164-BBM) (712-0164-AHB) (712-0154-BBM) (712-0154-AHB) (712-0155-BBM) (712-0155-AHB) (712-0157-AHB) (712-0157-BBM) (712-0158-AHB) (712-0158-BBM) GET 4 dozen 25% Wider Spaces * Soft-Picks, which were clinically proven to remove * Removes up to 25% more plaque1 with new triangular bristles. Buy 12 Dozen of the same, Sunstar GUM® Proxabrush® Go-Betweens® Cleaners where most other products cannot reach. SAVE $3.00! Buy 3 boxes , GET 1 box of GUM® Eez-Thru® Mint Floss 4yd FREE!* Shipped with order $52.99 5 per Envelope Specify: (712-7180-BBM) Original (712-7180-AHB) Wider Spaces (712-0171-BBM) (712-0171-AHB) (712-6537-AHB) (712-6537-AHB) 100 Envel/Box $30.49 ORDER NOW! **Promo includes all Adult Manual Toothbrushes excluding End Tuft. ©2014 Sunstar Americas, Inc P13299 GREAT SAVINGS ON TOOTHPASTE & DRY MOUTH PRODUCTS! SAVE UP TO $3 Biotene® Dry Mouth Rinse Sensodyne® Repair & Protect Toothpaste 19.99 8.49 7.79 13.79 11.49 41.99 Sensodyne® ProNamel® Fluoride Rinse Helps to protect against the effects of acid erosion and tooth decay and rehardens softened enamel. Fresh, minty taste and alcohol-free. 8.4 oz. Bottle (583-1319-BBM) .....................Ea. 12 (Case)@ Provides proven relief and daily protection for sensitive teeth. Relieves the pain and helps to prevent it from returning by creating a repair layer over sensitive areas. Contains fluoride for cavity protection. 3.4 oz. Tube .......................Ea. 7.99 12 (Case)@ 6.99 Specify: Original Extra Fresh (583-1303-BBM) (583-1316-BBM) SAVE UP TO $5 Sensodyne® ProNamel™ Toothpaste Specifically formulated to provide optimized fluoride uptake, prevent acid erosion, and strengthen the tooth enamel. Does not contain SLS. Has a neutral pH and protects against cavities. Trial Size 0.8 oz. Tubes Fresh Wave.................36 per Box 5.99 4.99 Specify: Fresh Wave (583-0090-BBM) Mint Essence (583-0017-BBM) Gentle Whitening (583-0018-BBM) To Order, Call Us Toll-Free: Clinically proven to provide relief from sensitivity. Provides ongoing pain relief with continued use. Contains potassium nitrate to prevent future sensitivity and fluoride to prevent cavities. Trial Size 0.8 oz. Tubes ..............36 per Box 48.99 Specify: Extra Whitening (583-0096-BBM) Fresh Impact (583-0014-BBM) 58.79 Specify: Gentle Whitening (583-0065-BBM) Fresh Wave (583-0242-BBM) 4 oz. Tube ...............................Ea. Sensodyne® Toothpaste 8.29 GlaxoSmithKline Alcohol-free oral rinse containing beneficial enzymes found in saliva to help maintain an oral environment and provide dry-mouth relief. Neutralizes mouth odors and cleans and refreshes without burning. SLS-free and contains xylitol. Mild Mint flavor. 2 oz. Bottles (583-0005-BBM) .......24 per Case 16 oz. Bottle (583-0073-BBM) .....................Ea. 6 (Case)@ 33.8 oz. Bottle (584-0005-BBM).....................Ea. 6 (Case) @ Gallon Bottle with Pump (583-0084-BBM) .....................Ea. Aquafresh® Extreme Clean® Toothpaste Features a microactive foam that releases germ-killing bubbles for hard-to-reach places. Rinses clean and clear, leaving behind nothing but smoother and whiter teeth. Trial Size 0.8 oz. Tubes ..............36 per Box 18.99 Specify: Whitening (583-0030-BBM) 1.800.372.4346 8am-9pm, et 29

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Dental Hygiene Source ADHA - February 2014
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Dental Hygiene Source ADHA - February 2014