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equipment STATIM 2000 The world’s favorite handpiece autoclave STATIM 5000 All you need for the mid-sized practice The perfect blend of speed and capacity for growing practices. The sterilization chamber 3 times the size of the STATIM 2000. • Ultrafast 9-minute unwrapped cycle • 17.5-minute wrapped cycle • Exceptional instrument turnover • 15-minute Dri-Tec drying technology • Single-water use • Fits most implant boxes • Aseptic transfer of instruments • Reduced instrument investment • Does not rust or tarnish ortho or surgical instruments • Prolongs instrument life Simple one-touch operation with 4 computer-controlled cycles to choose from. • Ultrafast, 6-minute unwrapped cycle • 14-minute wrapped cycle • Exceptional instrument turnover • 10-minute Dri-Tec drying technology • Single water use • Aseptic transfer of instruments directly to the point of use • Reduced instrument investment • Prolongs instrument life BRAVO Sterilizer Features • Pull’n Push water system – direct to drain for waste water and external water source • Intelligent Closed Door Drying – faster wrapped cycles from start to dry • Two different 10” chamber sizes available – 17L or 21L • All machines are available in 120 volt or 220 volt • Single water use-no recycling dirty water as in other machines • Holds three 8” x 11” cassettes or six 5” x 8” cassettes • State-of-the-art sterilizer that can be used anywhere in the world • 2-year warrantee NEW! EZ9 AND EZ10 EZ9 and EZ10 fully automatic autoclaves feature a contemporary design with an easy-to-read bright blue LED display panel. The EZ series is available in a 9” chamber (EZ9) and a 10” chamber (EZ10). The EZ10 comes with 4 full-size trays and the exceptionally deep chamber can accommodate 6 standard cassettes (3 full and 3 half). The EZ series is also available in a quick cycle model, the Kwiklave (EZ10k). All EZ models feature our active closed door. HEPA filtered drying system to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying of packs and pouches. Tuttnauer EZ autoclaves are backed by a two-year parts and labor warranty. 30 To order call: 1.800.645.6594, Prompt #1

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Infection Control Source - August 2011
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Infection Control Source - August 2011