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Chapter 3: Clinical Equipment & Technology Benefits ClinicalEquipment& TechnologyBenefits Imaging Cone Beam CT Cone Beam CT or 3D imaging is the new frontier for digital radiography. As with other digital radiography systems, the system is significantly more accurate than film based systems and can reduce radiation by up to 95%. There are plenty of applications for this technology. Implant dentists are some of the early adopters as the technology can greatly aid them in presurgical treatment planning to determine the width of the ridge, the quality of the bone, and the location of the mandibular nerve. Cone Beam CT can also be helpful to oral surgeons or any dentist who extracts teeth for preparing to remove impacted third molars. An additional benefit of Cone Beam CT is the ability to view both arches simultaneously. • Chair time saved in hygiene. The average hygienist saves the equivalent of one appointment per day. That alone will pay for your digital pan while dynamically improving your treatment plan presentations. • An office with high-quality digital panoramic imaging will need far fewer sensors and use the ones they have far less. • New high-resolution technology virtually eliminates the need for FMXs because the image is so clear. • Images maintain clarity as you magnify to diagnose caries, lesions etc. Patients report that they understand their diagnosis better due to the full image of the entire jaw and dentition. • Higher level treatment plans and full-mouth reconstruction case acceptance greatly increases as patients see the fullmouth x-ray and understand the cause and effect of their conditions like never before. • Only 17 seconds to complete a digital pan, which is a minimal amount of time for a patient to remain completely still while the image is being produced. • No need to worry about damaging expensive intraoral digital sensors. • Saves chair time, which allows you to see additional patients and increase your production. A digital pan takes about 1 minute compared to 10–15 minutes for a film pan. Digital Pans Many offices find the image quality to be so diagnostic that they often take many more pans and in some cases, have replaced their standard full-mouth series with a digital pan and bitewings, augmenting with PAs as required. These systems quickly produce excellent diagnostic images, showing the entire mouth, which allows patients to better understand the process. • Dramatic price decrease over the past five years. • Patient comments are very positive about the comfort and efficiency of the new technology compared to traditional intraoral x-rays. 14 Ask your Sales Consultant about currrent Sect. 179 tax incentives.

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