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ACE SURGICAL For Your Grafting Procedures. BONE GRAFTING A Natural Bone Substitute The NuOss products are a natural bone mineral matrix, produced by the removal of all anorganic components from bovine bone. Due to its natural structure, NuOss is physically and chemically comparable to the mineralized matrix of human bone. ® NuOss 2.0 CANCELLOUS GRANULES Giving You More Volumetric Fill Per Gram. The proprietary manufacturing process of NuOss 2.0, allows for maintenance of the naturally occurring bone mineral structure, including macro and micro structures. Offering a bone graft with increased volumetric fill maximizes the space for new bone ingrowth associated with vascularization. ® NuOss COLLAGEN BLOCKS NuOss Collagen is made up of cancellous granules mixed with approximately 5% of bovine collagen. Once moistened the NuOss Collagen is moldable and can be placed in most defects. Due to the collagen’s binding properties, the NuOss particles will not drift from the surgical site. ® NuOss DS DELIVERY SYRINGE NuOss cancellous granules are now available pre-loaded into a delivery syringe for ease of product placement. ® NuOss XC EXPANDABLE COMPOSITE NuOss XC is a composite grafting material comprised of mineralized de-proteinated bovine granules and purified type I bovine collagen. When placed into a bleeding site, the material expands to a predetermined size and shape. Available in sinus form and in socket form. ACE Surgical Supply Company, Inc. See page 31 for a complete product listing. 27

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Periodontic Specialty Catalog - September 2013
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Periodontic Specialty Catalog - September 2013