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Why KaVo Electrics Innovation changes everything. KaVo has revamped its family of innovative electric handpieces. KaVo electrics are now shorter, lighter and more comfortable. For ultimate cutting performance, make the switch to KaVo electrics today. Try KaVo for free at Introducing the newest member of the KaVo electrics team, the KL703 short motor. • Shorter and lighter than traditional micromotors – for improved balance For all applications: Operate any contra-angle with INTRAmatic E coupling • Largest speed range 100 – 40,000 rpm • Fully sterilizable at 275°F, motor and tubing are detachable for ease of use BUY GET 1 ELECTROtorque TLC Electric System with KL703 short motor 1 FREE 25LPR Highspeed handpiece! * 888-ASK-KAVO · Complete Unit (628-0972-GF) ...........................................Ea. 3,089.99 SAVE 160 $ 906.9240/rev 0/12.11 Contains: ELECTROtorque TLC unit with SAFEdrive, KL703 brushless electric motor, electric tubing, transformer & mounting bracket with hardware. *To receive FREE goods, send a completed KaVo Handpiece Specials form and a copy of your Henry Schein invoice dated 4/9–5/25/12 to: KaVo Dental, 11727 Fruehauf Drive, Charlotte, NC 28273 or fax to 1-704-927-0816. You can receive the KaVo Handpiece Specials form from your Henry Schein Dental Sales Consultant. Invoices and free goods forms MUST be received within 60 days of your invoice date. 14 Fax Your Order: 1.800.732.7023 24 Hours

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Rotary & Handpiece Source - April/May 2012
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Rotary & Handpiece Source - April/May 2012