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Social Media for Dentists By Jason Lipscomb The world of Dentistry has definitely changed over the past several years. It is no longer a business where you can put up a sign and expect to have hundreds of patients knocking down your door. Dentists have embraced marketing and now employ several different methods to drive traffic. Nowhere has this been more noticeable than on the Internet. Dental Web sites are now a universal tool, and offer everything from computer graphics to appointments. They may range from the simple to the complex, but the common consensus is that everyone should have one. The Web is constantly evolving. More and more of the content is being created by ordinary users like you and me. The Web is no longer an environment of static Web sites, it is a thriving community that allows for immediate communication and information sharing. People don't just visit Web sites anymore, they live on them. We are in the world of Web 2.0 and Social Media. These are terms that are tossed around quite a bit, but many don't really know what they mean. Web 2.0 and Social Media is the next step in the evolution of the Web. They give the user the opportunity to take control of their own Web destiny and can create a Web environment that is specific to them. This type of environment makes it much more conducive to share information and to connect with other people around the world. It also marks a new era of dental marketing, the era of Social Media for dentists. Many dentists are embracing Social Media, by creating pages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms allow dentists to step out of the static framework and become more engaging. Dentists can easily share their knowledge and become a real person, not just a name and a logo. Still others don't see a need to try this alternative marketing. The problem is, this alternative marketing is becoming the new main stream. Let’s look at the statistics of one of the major Social Media outlets, Facebook. Facebook is the biggest social utility Web site out there. It has over 400 million users. It comes in a close second to Google as the most visited Web site in the world, and it has actually beaten Google on several occasions. Almost 60% of the American population has a Facebook account. That in itself is amazing. Try to get 60% of Americans to the polls on election day! The average user has over 130 friends on Facebook, and spends almost 55 minutes each day on the site. No other Web site can match this. Google may have more traffic, but no one spends almost an hour on Google. A majority of these active users believe that every business should have a presence on the site. Many dentists are embracing Social Media, by creating pages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms allow dentists to step out of the static framework and become more engaging. What do all of these statistics mean? It means that people are living their lives on Facebook. They are connecting with friends, shopping, and getting their news from one place. It also presents a wonderful opportunity for dentists to connect with over 60% of the population. These are not all teenagers either. One of the fastest growing Facebook demographic is users aged 55–65. Social media viewership is a true phenomenon that encompasses people of all ages, races, and creeds. This type of thing doesn't happen very often. Business’ have also jumped on the Social Media bandwagon. The static Web site has become so ingrained in our consciousness, that many major businesses don't advertise them anymore. What you will see is FORTUNE 500 companies SIDEKICK Autumn 2010 Sidekick 31

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Sidekick - Autumn 2010
Table of Contents
Arkansas Family Dentistry Drs. Tina Nichols and Samaria Mascagni
The Voice of Experience
Creating Your Customized Continuing Education Plan
Career Article
Social Media for Dentists
Quarterly Featured Designs
The Center for Pediatric Dentistry University of Washington Joel Berg DDS, MS–Director
CBCT–A Clear Perspective on Implant Options
Sitting Shouldn’t Have to be a Job
Pelton & Crane Opens the Dr. Richard Pelton Showroom and Training Center in Beaverton, Oregon
Everyday Dentistry
3D–Dawning a New Day for Dentistry
Social Media Checklist
East Pointe Trails Dental Centre Dr. Edward MacMurdo
Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions Partners With The Snyder Group

Sidekick - Autumn 2010