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10BS2358 Sidekick Equipment, Technology & News for You and Your Dental Practice Spring 2010 Dr. E. Morgan Scheiber–Plymouth, Massachusetts Dr. Guillory Jr. and Dr. Carlton–Alexandria, Louisiana Dr. Mark Shuren–Tecumseh, Ontario Office Design I Financial News I Equipment Services I Continuing Education I Lifestyles

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Sidekick - Spring 2010

Sidekick - Spring 2010
Dr. Morgan Scheiber
Here and Now and Beneficial for All
FICO Reveals How Common Credit Mistakes Affect Scores
Causes of Scheduling Stress
Less Is More
Quarterly Featured Designs
Dr. Mark Shuren
The Black and White Facts of Platinum
Henry Schein Financial Services
Surprising Trends in Laser Usage
Implementing Technology into the Restorative Dental Practice
Career Development: Digital Practice Analysis Tool
The GXCB-500: A Good Fit for Any Practice
Making the Right Impression for Your Patients and Practice
Dr. Wilton Guillory Jr. and Dr. David M. Carlton III
Professional Practice Transitions

Sidekick - Spring 2010