Sidekick - Winter 2011 - (Page Cover1)

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Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Sidekick - Winter 2011

Sidekick - Winter 2011
Table of Contents
Dr. Stephanie White Gearhart Dentistry
Technologies That Show I Care
Credit Scores as a Financial Asset Advantage!
The Impact of New Technology
Confessions of a Dental “Couch” Potato
Quarterly Featured Designs
Henry Schein Financial Services
Dr. Greg Evans Big Grins Pediatric Dentistry
i-CAT: Impressive Flexibility in Imaging
Laser! Laser! Laser!
Digital Impressions “The Next Digital…”
Will “Uncle Sam” Ask You to Open Your Wallet?
Capturing New Treatment Opportunities With the GXCB-500 HD
A Beginner Course in SEO “Search Engine Optimization”
Broken Appointments–the Sure Path to Poverty
Dr. Ruben Cohen Park Avenue Oral & Facial Surgery
Professional Practice Transitions

Sidekick - Winter 2011