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Precise™ LTM is an easy-to-use “soft-tissue handpiece” that enables easy fine-tissue preparation and management of gingival and other oral soft tissues, just as air or electric “hard tissue” handpieces enable easy preparation of tooth structure. Precise LTM enables every practitioner to: • Shape fine gingival contours to mimic natural curvatures • Coagulate as you cut for a clear, blood-free environment • Cauterize nerve endings to stop histamine flow, reducing post-op inflammation • Reduce tissue trauma, faster tissue healing compared to scalpel or electrosurge • Ideal for periodontal treatment, removal of inflamed tissues, enhanced SRP and better healing. BEFORE AFTER Esthetic Recontouring. Transform gingival height/contours for that beautiful smile. Note the gingival health and proper papilla height/shape. Precise™ LTM Complete Kit (595-9558-D2)................. Ea. $4,899.99 Each Kit Contains: Precise™ LTM Unit 20’ Fiber Cartridge 2 Autoclavable Handpieces 20 Straight Disposable Tips 40 Curved 60° Disposable Tips 3 Laser Glasses Wireless Foot Pedal w/ battery Fiber Stripper Tool & Cleaver Laser Key BEFORE AFTER Subgingival Decay. Quickly expose decay. Maintain hemostasis to work in a clear, dry field. Easy core build-up, without fluids contamination. AC4431 02AUG2011 Designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA. Slim body for comfortable ‘gun’ or ‘pen’ grip use Powerful 2,000 mW/cm2 Easy access in buccal corridor (note position of wand/controls) Fits into your handpiece holders so it is always at hand Easy access controls with bright OLED display Rotate the light end, not your hand SAVE $50...Plus Buy an Ascent™ PX Complete Kit, GET a SheerWhite Intro kit FREE! (A $119.99 Value FREE!) shipped with order. Ascent™ PX Complete Kit (595-001 1-D2) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ea. $949.99 Contains: 1 Light, 1 Wand, 1-3 Charging Station, Power Cord, 1 Protective Shield, 50 Disposable Barrier Sleeves and Operator’s Manual Ascent™ PX Light Only Kit (595-0025-D2) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ea. $849.99 Contains: 1 Light, 1 Wand, Power Cord, 1 Protective Shield, 50 Disposable Barrier Sleeves and Operator’s Manual Ascent™ Curing Lights are covered by several U.S. patents. Additional U.S. and international patents pending. The slim design allows easy access to all areas of the mouth, even the distal surface of the third molars. Corded power ensures maximum power all the time in a slim, lightweight wand that comfortably fits even the smallest hands. 360° wand rotation (note position of wand/controls) Light output covers full occlusal surface New Low Price! Ascent™ OL5 LED Curing Light (595-0013-D2) ........................ Ea. $499.99 Contains: 1 curing light with integrated power cord, 50 disposable barrier sleeves, 1 protective shield, 1 universal outlet adapter & 1 instruction manual. AC4431 02AUG2011 To Order, Call Us Toll-Free: 1.800.372.4346 8am–9pm, et 13

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Small Equipment - November/December 2011
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Small Equipment - November/December 2011