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autoclaves & sterilizers SAVE $250 UP TO $300 SAVE M3 UltraFast Automatic Sterilizer MIDMARK ® SAVE $285 Delta Q™ Sterilizers PELTON & CRANE Sterilize unwrapped instruments and handpieces in just 6 minutes and pouched instruments in just over 10 minutes, with the touch of a button. Easy-to-use, one-step loading operation, push-button cycle selection, automatic drying, and automatic door. Intelligent features monitor water levels for worry-free operation. 1-year warranty. 115 volts. External Dimensions: 6.9"H x 17.8"W x 22"L Chamber Dimensions: 1.6"H x 7.6"W x 12.1"L Reservoir Capacity: 1.2 Gallon Tray: 1"H x 7.25"W x 11.75"L (also holds Hu-Friedy® Signa-Stat Cassette: 6.5" x 10.5" x 1.25") Complete Unit (386-3052-D2) ....................Ea. M11 UltraClave™ Automatic Sterilizer MIDMARK Large-capacity sterilizer for sterilizing trays and cassettes with automatic opening door. Cycle time for unwrapped instruments is 271/2 minutes from a cold start and 15 minutes from a hot start. Once cycle is complete, door automatically opens. LED display shows the unit's temperature during heat up and the time remaining during cycles. Features a large-capacity reservoir plus a fill spout and drain tube in the front of the unit for easier filling and draining. Four stainless steel trays are standard. External Dimensions: 223/8"L x 175/8"W x 179/16"H Chamber Dimensions: 11" Dia., 18" Depth, 73/8 Gallon (28.0 liters) Volume Reservoir Capacity: 11/4 Gallon (4.7 liters) Trays: Small 2–15" x 65/8" x 11/8" Large 2–15" x 91/8" x 11/8" (386-9830-D2)......................Ea. Features closed-door drying: a higher quality sterilization method than open-door drying. Innovative PC cable allows user to download sterilization history without the need for a printer. Also features an ergonomic handle and user-friendly interface. 6-month replacement warranty and 3-year limited parts warranty. Delta Q™ 8 External dimensions: 121/4"H x 171/2"W x 193/4"D (31cm H x 44cm W x 50cm D) Chamber size: 81/4" x 14" (21cm x 36cm) Chamber capacity: 739 cu. in. (12, Startup time: 10–13 minutes warm Total cycle time (unwrapped): 16 minutes warm Drying cycle time: 30 minutes preprogrammed, variable 0–99 minutes (552-2788-D2) .....................Ea. 4,474.99 Delta Q™ 10 External dimensions: 14"H x 191/4"W x 235/8"D (36cm H x 49cm W x 60cm D) Chamber size: 97/8" x 171/2" (25.1cm x 44.5cm) Chamber capacity: 1340 cu. in. (22, Startup time: 12 minutes Total cycle time (unwrapped): 16 minutes warm Drying cycle time: 30 minutes preprogrammed, variable 0–99 minutes (553-1017-D2) ......................Ea. 4,999.99 4,649.99 Contains: 1 M3 UltraFast® sterilizer, 1 waste water tank, 1 filter removal tool, 1 drain tube, 1 sterilizer tray, 1 bottle of speed clean, 1 instruction manual, 1 power cord, 1 set of tubing & wires. 5,379.99 AEDs SAVE OVER $400, Plus... Buy an AED Plus, GET a Pair of Pediatric Pads and Device In-Service FREE! ($122 value Free) (shipped with order) SAVE $300 Powerheart® AED G3 Automatic CARDIAC SCIENCE SAVE $345 NEW! AED Plus® Defibrillator ZOLL MEDICAL CORP. Simplifies rescue process by eliminating need to press a shock button. Once pads are attached to patient, device detects and analyzes heart rhythm, and if life-threatening rhythm is detected, a shock will be delivered. Displays written instructions to guide user through rescue process. Rescue-Ready technology performance for daily, weekly and monthly self-tests on battery, electronic systems, and pads virtually guarantees rescue performance. Instructive voice prompt guide features outstanding clarity. 7-year AED warranty, 4-year lithium battery warranty, and 2-year shelf life on pads. Complete Package (110-2293-D2) .....................Ea. 1,799.99 Contains: 1 unit, 2 pairs of adult defibrillation pads, 1 lithium battery, 1 software CD, 1 serial communication cable, 1 soft-sided carry case & 1 ready kit. Lifeline AED–DEFIBTECH Designed for speed and simplicity. Uses biphasic defibrillation–the most effective at resuscitating in ventricular fibrillation (the most common form of sudden cardiac arrest). Text, lights, and voice instructions guide responder step by step through life-saving process. Electrode pads are stored in back pocket, ready to apply. "Power On" and "Shock" buttons are oversized and brightly lit. Lightweight and durable: 4.2 Lb. 5-year limited AED warranty, 3-year warranty on battery pack, 1-year warranty on 9V lithium battery, and 2-year shelf life on defibrillation pads. Complete Package (499-1362-D2) ......................Ea. 1,049.99 Contains: 1 unit, 1 battery pack, 1 set of defibrillation electrodes, 1–9-volt status indicator battery, 1 quick-use card & 1 user manual. The first and only AED that can deliver a defibrillating shock along with real CPR help technology that provides rescuers real-time feedback for both rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR. Uses a 1-piece electrode pad that lasts 5 years and makes electrode placement fast and accurate. Supports the AHA's Complete Chain of Survival, with easy-to-understand audio prompts and illustrations. Rugged design that resists dust and direct water spray. Powered by 10 lithium batteries. 7-year warranty. Complete Unit (866-7559-D2) .....................Ea. 1,494.99 Contains: 1 AED Plus® unit, 1 ECG display, 1 set of adult electrodes (CPR-D pads), 1 sleeve of batteries, 1 carrying case & 1 owner's manual. 8 Fax Your Order: 1.800.732.7023 24 Hours

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Small Equipment - November/December 2011
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Small Equipment - November/December 2011