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MEDICAL The percentage of Americans who develop melanoma has more than doubled in the past 30 years. The five-year cure rates for Mohs approach 99% for new cancers and 95% for recurrent cancers. Source: National Cancer Institute Source: The American Society for Mohs Surgery A practice currently sending out 300 tissue samples per month can generate an additional $240 thousand in revenue without adding to its current patient caseload. Source: CMS Data SOP MOHS IP730 Designed to provide crisp, clear imaging on a versatile and ergonomic platform. The UNICO IP730 is quick and easy to use for viewing Mohs sections and other dermatological applications! Monosof™ 10" Sutures Perfect for dermatology, biopsy wound, and other small closures. 106-9122  Large stage for easy slide access  Controls designed for one-handed operation  Extra wide field eyepieces  4X, 10X, and 100X Achromat Objectives  Graduated Iris Diaphragm allows consistent settings  Graduate Koehler Illumination system  Complete with 5-year Warranty Item Code Size Needle Qty. (294-0448) 4-0 C-1 12 (840-6454) 5-0 C-1 12 (840-6458) 6-0 C-1 12 (840-6455) 4-0 C-13 12 (840-6457) 5-0 C-13 12 MICROSCOPE SLIDES (424-0039) Cover Glass 24mm x 60mm, 1 oz./Pk. (102-6803) Cover Glass #2 22mm x 22mm 10/Box 1 oz./Pkg. (868- 0134) Positively Charged 25mm x 75mm x 1mm 72/Pkg. (635-8945) Superfrost 3” x 1” (110-7788) Lysine Coated 72/Pkg. 2 x 72/Pkg. An Open study of Full Tissue Skin Grafting (FTSG) concluded that n-butyl 2-cyanoacrylate adhesive(NBCA) is suitable for securing selected FTSG and provides a significant time-saving over the traditional approach of suturing such grafts into place. Source -JAAD, 1999 MOHS NATIONAL AVERAGE PAYMENTS* CPT Code 17311 17312 17313 17314 17315 Short Description Mohs, stage 1, h/n/hf/g Mohs addl stage Mohs, 1 stage, t/a/l Mohs, addl stage, t/a/l Mohs Surgery, addl block *Source CMS Data. Consult your local fee schedule for actual reimbursements, facility fees, and modifiers. 2012 $663.73 $394.54 $605.53 $367.61 $79.31 Indermil® Tissue Adhesive N-butyl 2-cyanoacrylate (840-7234) 12/Box Our Team of over 600 Sales Consultants and Equipment Specialists comprise your reliable network of trusted advisors, helping you to make the best investments, generate greater revenue, and deliver optimum outcomes. Call us to schedule a complimentary in-office consultation. 1-800-772-4346

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