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14MS1835 An estimated 76,250 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma and approximately 9,180 will die of it in 2012. Source: National Cancer Institute SOP Illumination & Magnification Skin Cancer Screening LUMIO™ LEDs: LENS: 711-0040 Skin cancer detection at its best. * Polarized and Nonpolarized modes * Can be used with iPhone 4/4S or Sony Camera LEDs: LENS: 21+7 white 4-element 25mm, 10X DL100 DLII PRO 110-6516 108-7376 711-0188 16 White 24+8 white 8 white 16+16 white 15mm, 10x 3 element 25mm, 10x 15mm, 10x 3 element 25mm, 10x Battery 2 CR5 Lithium Rechargeable 2CR5 Lithium Rechargeable Lithium Battery Lithium Adapts to Camera No Yes/iPhone 4/4S LEDs: LENS: 40 White 40 mm 10x lens BATTERY: 4 AA Lumio S lets you see an area that is 4 times larger than what your dermatoscope provides, while showing lesion structures invisible to the naked eye. Simply push & hold to turn on the device, quick-tap to change between two sets of polarized and non-polarized LEDs. POWER: Rechargeable USB Cable 711-4286 LENS All offers expire 6/28/2014 DLII LEDS Take 10% OFF selected featured offers - Minimum order $500. Carbon Item Code We support your skin cancer screening initiatives! LUMIO™ S (120-3518) Features ? 40 White 75 mm 2x lens BATTERY: Rechargeable Lithium Additional Skin Cancer Detection Products from your (108-0398) Lumio is the ideal device for general skin exams where an in-depth, glare-free image of the skin is essential. DermLite® DL3 CPT Code Treatment Description No Yes/iPhone 4/4S Annual Average Revenue on Reimbursement 10 per week 11100 Biopsy skin lesion $102.45 $53,274 $32.60 $16,952 11421 Shave skin lesion $157.26 $81,775 11621 Excision malignant lesion, 0.6-1cm $229.27 Skin Cancer Screening Destruction & Dessication The DL3N features refined optics and improved visualization of both pigmented and vascular structures. Retractable faceplate spacer design and focusing mechanism quickly switches between (121-2527) non-contact and skin contact modalities. The optional PigmentBoost mode produces a warmer illumination reminiscent of conventional dermatoscopes. This chart is for illustration purposes. Please consult your local Medicare office for remimbursement rates in your area. 10% OFF all 3GEN devices on this SOP. Enter Promo Code JA6. LEDs: LENS: 28 White 25 mm 10x lens POWER: Rechargeable USB Cable Making your practice more productive The Bovie Derm 101 allows you to provide better in-office patient care, at a more than sensible price, saving both you and your patient time and money. Here are some revenue models based on top minor skin procedures: ROI Based on Five Procedures Per Week Benign Lesions CPT Code 17110 Seborrheic Keratosis Mole or Nevi Telangiectasia Cherry/Spider Angioma Est. Treatment Wattage* 3-8 watts 2-6 watts 0.1-3 watts National Avg. Reimbursement 0.5-3 watts $109.26 Weekly Revenue $546 Annual Revenue $28,407 ROI Based on Five Procedures Per Week DermLite DL3N $119,220 11101 Biopsy add-on Melanoma is the most common for of cancer among young adults 25-29 years old. Source: National Cancer Institute The Bovie® Derm 101 skin cancer screening What is Women aged 39 and under have a higher probability of development melanoma than any other cancer except breast cancer. Source: National Cancer Institute Est. Treatment Wattage* Premalignant Lesions CPT Code 17000 Actinic Keratosis Basal Cell 3-8 watts Malignant Lesions 17260 Arms / Legs / Trunk 17270 Scalp/ Neck/ Hands/ Feet 17280 Face 2-10 watts National Avg. Reimbursement $75.23 $93.50 $149.38 $140.07 Weekly Revenue $376.15 $467.50 $746.90 $700.35 Annual Revenue $19,559 $24,310 $38,838 $36,418 *Significant variations may occur due to surgical preferences, patient differences, electrode configuration and surgical technique. This chart is for illustration purposes only. Always consult appropriate coding guidelines for correct treatment coding. For more information, visit:

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Skin Cancer Screening Awareness