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to Mill up 600 ur! s per b unit Nano-Di Milling Burs Increase Production and Profits while Lowering Cost Profits Features and Benefits of Nano-Di™ Milling Burs Reduced tool calibrations and settings • Less chipping at margins and less material adhesion to bur Ability to mill Zirconia, PMMA, Wax and Composite materials • State-of-the-art diamond coatings for significantly longer life Final tooling costs are not a factor! • Milling with the same tool contributes to less machine down time Better surface finish due to the diamond coating, the edge of the edge cuts ™ Dentmill for use in Dentmill Milling Machines .6mm od (114-6382-NH) .........$169.99 69 9 1 mm od (114-6381-NH) ........$169.99 2 mm od (114-6380-NH) .........$169.99 3.17 mm od (114-6379-NH) .........$169.99 Finishing Bur NEW! 1 mm od (118-0916-NH) .........$169.99 All burs supplied with collars. 3M for use in 3M Lava Milling Machines Fine Finishing Bur 1 mm od (114-6384-NH)..........$169.99 Finishing Bur 2 mm od (118-0094-NH)..........$169.99 Roughing Bur 2 mm od (114-6383-NH)..........$169.99 Wieland for use in Zenotec’s 2100, 3020-MI, 4030-MI and 4820-M1 Milling Machines 1 mm od (114-7254-NH) ...... $169.99 2.5 mm od (114-7255-NH) ...... $169.99 All burs supplied with collars. Lab Owners Are Talking! “Switching our CAD/CAM milling burs to Nano-Di™ Milling burs from Sierra Dental Tool was one of the smartest business decisions we’ve made in the past year. We are now saving over $500 each month in tool costs, without sacrificing the quality of the final product. We highly recommend Sierra burs to any laboratory that mills Zirconia in-house. ” Keating Dental Arts Irvine, CA “Here at Issaquah Dental Lab, we’ve been using the Nano-Di™ Milling Burs from Sierra Dental Tool for the past year. We find these burs to be superior in quality and last significantly longer than other milling burs. ” produced by Issaquah Dental Lab Issaquah, WA 20 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER SALE Z ORDER ON THE WEB:

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - September/October 2011
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - September/October 2011