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Your Business-to-Business Pearl FC Zr Custom Milling Center is just that – a milling center. We are not a laboratory. We are your partner on the cutting edge of dental technology, and have been the dental industry’s premier outsourcing milling center since 2005. Versatile Capabilities That Meet Your Needs CMC’s two business models are flexible enough to meet your laboratory’s needs, regardless of your current production capacity. For laboratories that have not yet purchased an open architecture scanner, technicians can send cases (models/dies) and CMC will handle the scan, design, and completion of the substructure according to your desired material, resulting in exceptional fit and marginal integrity. If your laboratory currently utilizes a scanner, you stay in control of the design process and CMC will handle the milling and printing aspect. Our open architecture structure enables us to receive STL files from Dental Wings and 3-Shape two of the leading systems. After receiving your design file, we can direct it to the appropriate milling machine or printer based on your choice of materials for the prescribed restoration. Custom Abutment Pearl FC Zr Custom Abutments A beautiful yet strong full-contour zirconia crown or bridge. Just stain and glaze or polish to a high luster! Pearl FC Zr is your one solution for monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges. Virtually fracture proof, and highly esthetic, Pearl FC Zr’s structure is created with the right balance of strength and beauty. The final restoration will appear natural while sustaining its durability. Strength up to 1000 MPA. Pearl can also be used for coping and bridge frameworks. High strength up to 1200 MPA. CMC can offer 14 custom abutments from some of the industry’s leading implant manufacturers. Custom abutments offer personalized treatment for your implants. With a custom abutment from CMC, your clients will benefit from increased functionality and fit, as well as greater control of the emergence profile. Our custom abutments are available in titanium or Pearl™ Zr. * Please refer to our Web site for implant abutment compatability chart. We are here to help you create a restoration that exhibits exceptional marginal integrity and incredible esthetics. The choice is yours for 22 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER SALE Z ORDER ON THE WEB:

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - September/October 2011
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - September/October 2011