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Crown & Bridge NOW AVAILABLE! Value Shades Vita® 3D-Master® shades can be obtained simply, quickly and precisely with the new EX-3 Value Shade Kits and Refills! Case by: Chiche & Mr. Aoshima Obtaining Vita® 3D-Master® shades utilizing Noritake EX-3 porcelain has never been easier with the introduction of EX-3 Value Shades Body porcelain and Value Shades Opacious Body porcelain. These direct “out-of-the-bottle” Value Shade materials extend the EX-3 lineup of porcelain to complete any prescription request for the Vita® 3D-Master® shades. Used in conjunction with the current offering of excellent Noritake EX-3 Paste Opaques, shade matching with these Value Shades now becomes easy without the need to custom blend porcelain shades. EX-3 Value Shade Body Kit Contains: 10 Gm. each of EX-3 Value Shade Body 1110B, 1120B, 2015B, 2025B, 2110B, 2120B, 2130B, 2215B, 2225B, 3015B, 3025B, 3110B, 3120B, 3130B, 3215B, 3225B, 4015B, 4025B, 4110B, 4120B, 4130B, 4215B, 4225B, 5110B, 5120B, and 5130B. EX-3 Value Shade Opacious Body Kit Contains: 10 Gm. each of EX-3 Value Shade Body OB1110, OB1120, OB2015, OB2025, OB2110, OB2120, OB2130, OB2215, OB2225, OB3015, OB3025, OB3110, OB3120, OB3130, OB3215, OB3225, OB4015, OB4025, OB4110, OB4120, OB4130, OB4215, OB4225, OB5110, OB5120 and OB5130. $199.99 (366-4958-BZ) ..................................Each $199.99 (366-4957-BZ) ..................................Each D ID YOU KNOW? 12 JULY/AUGUST SALE We now advertise Noritake Porcelain to over 100,000 dentists through our Henry Schein Dental Division. Vita® 3D-Master® and OM1®–5M3® are registered trademarks of VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. Z ORDER ON THE WEB:

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - July/August 2012
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - July/August 2012