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Equipment Jet-Stream Compact Series “Health-Smart” Antimicrobial HEPA Dust Collector “Health-Smart” antimicrobial deluxe filter bag. Electrostatic action collects dust like a magnet. Built-in, medical-grade, 0.3-submicron HEPA filters. Ultraquiet “sound-of-silence” performance. Also has an antimicrobial deluxe filter bag. Compact, space-saving, modern design. Complete Unit (270-5477-BZ) .......................Ea. $ 549.99 Furnaces with patent-pending CQT muffle (crystalline-quartz technology). Platinum thermocouple ensures highest level of precision accuracy and temperature control. Presses and/or bakes all types of materials, including lithium disilicate and 2-stage baking techniques. Two separate built-in decontamination programs provide clean, pure, optimal conditions. 2-year warranty. Image™ Press Dimensions: 27"H x 101/2"W x 13"D Weight: 46 Lb. $ (383-0000-BZ) ..................Ea. 4,119.99 Contains: 1 iPUMP. Image™ Furnaces Hot Shot Professional This 100% industrial stainless steel unit has an extra-large tank: over 1-gallon (4.5-liter) capacity. Features 3 selectable steam settings: Dry, for pressable and light steam-cleaning; Wet, for general-purpose steam-cleaning; and Max., for powerful, heavy-duty steam-cleaning. Spray jet handle can be used hands-free when mounted in its cradle or handheld with the on/off foot pedal. Complete Unit $ (795-8319-BZ) .....................Ea. 1,099.99 Image™ Dimensions: 21"H x 101/2"W x 13"D Weight: 41 Lb. $ (383-0001-BZ) ...................Ea. 3,194.99 Contains: 1 iPUMP. iWeld® G3 Laser Welder The Lab Technician's Tool of Choice An excellent alternative to conventional soldering procedures, the iWeld® assists laboratory technicians in fabrication and reconstructive repair procedures, including new cast clasp assembly, loops and posts for tooth additions, cast extensions for existing partials, new wrought wire single-arm clasping, as well as many other common laboratory welding services. The state-of-the-art, free-moving concept allows operators to benefit from pin-point accuracy and localized heat, which produces excellent seam welds and eliminates thermal expansion on passive fit bridgework, implant bars and frames, and other common dental prosthetic connections. Complete iWeld 60. Joule System ........Each $18,559.95* Contains: iWeld 60. Joule Unit, Clearview 15X Microscope, Argon Regulator, Air Blast Pipe, Custom Shipping Container, and Domestic Freight. *Price reflective of most common configurations. For custom options and ordering information contact Roy Gessman, Equipment Manager, at (508) 337-8301. “The LaserStar Workstation has become a vital tool for saving time in our laboratory. Our staff has commented how user friendly the LaserStar is and that LaserStar’s application training was excellent. Thank you for such a great piece of equipment.” Michael J. O’Brien, Owner O’Brien Dental Lab, Inc. 26 JULY/AUGUST SALE Z ORDER ON THE WEB:

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - July/August 2012
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - July/August 2012