Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - July/August 2012 - (Page 27)

myerson HotShotElite With the HotShotElite handheld clasp injector appliances in under thirty minutes from start to make clasps in under 30 minutes R ww ini E w. ng za W E hn de eb nt in al .c ars om Tr a F The melting temperature is easily programmable, so you can use the HotShotElite with Myerson’s advanced thermoplastic materials, DuraCetal, VisiClear and DuraFlex. ® myerson DuraCetal is a pure, highly crystalline acetal copolymer resin possessing high tensile and flexural strength, fatigue resistance, and hardness. • Durable - Myerson DuraCetal is strong & stain-resistant, providing years of service. • DuraCetal comes in 22 shades for toothcoloured clasps, provisional crowns and bridges, and much more. Advanced Kit (544-0125-BZ) $2,059.99 ® For clear flexible clasps • 100% monomer and nylon free • Advanced Kit contains: 1 unit, Myerson HotShotElite Single Shot Assortment (pack of 30) 1–2 Lb. extra-hard putty (a & b), 1–1 oz. thermoplastic model separator (TMS), 1 putty tool, 1 stand, 1 injection rod, 1 filler funnel, 1 measuring cup, 1 injection sleeve, 1 injection nozzle, 1 pair heat resistant gloves, 10 TMS swabs, 10 TMS trays & 1 lockable case. For more Myerson products, see pages 44–45 of your Zahn Catalog JULY/AUGUST SALE Z TO ORDER CALL: 1-800-496-9500 27

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - July/August 2012

Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - July/August 2012
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - July/August 2012