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Fine Chemicals and Ceramics Made In The U.S.A. For Over 35 Years PLASTER AND STONE REMOVER NON HAZARDOUS  ULTRASONIC CLEANER SIMPLY SURFACTANT® ADVANCED SURFACE TENSION ELIMINATOR SAFE FOR WAX PATTERNS & IMPRESSION MATERIALS The superior wetting agent designed for the new resin-toughened stones and silicone impression materials. Formulated for investment to flow smoothly over wax patterns and hydrophobic impressions. Produces defect-free pours with a fine, smooth finish and improved surface detail. Easy to use, simply paint, spray or dip wax patterns and impressions. Drain or blow off excess liquid. Non-contaminating. (132-0194-C3) 8 oz. SPRAY ..... $11.99 (132-0195-C3) 16 oz. PINT ....... $17.99 (132-0196-C3) QUART ............. $26.99 Designed to give you the safest most effective product. Solubilizing action rapidly penetrates joints, crevices and delicate areas better than any other cleaner. Leaves denture base clean, and looking like new. Use directly in the ultrasonic tank, or in a glass or plastic beaker. Safe for hands, no rubber gloves needed. Biodegradable product can be flushed down lab drain for disposal. Removes tarnish and oxidation and leaves instruments shining. High capacity for calcium and magnesium compounds. Dissolves large quantities of gypsum, lasts longer, and saves time. Plaster deposits disintegrate and dissolve. Safe, no-hazard shipping restrictions. Non-caustic, non-corrosive. Safe for use on aluminum. Can be shipped in any weather. (132-5939-C3) QUART LIQUID .......................................$8.99 (132-8694-C3) GALLON LIQUID ................................. $25.99 (132-8577-C3) 1 LB. POWDER (YIELDS 1 GALLON) . $26.99 Before After SILICONE SPRAY MOLD RELEASE ® LIGHT FORMULA Light releasing agent for impressions. Non-greasy, clear, odorless, nonflammable, non-toxic, thin releasing film. Use on instruments, handpieces, units, lab equipment, mixing bowls, chairs, benches, impressions, etc. as a lubricant. Odorless, colorless, non-staining, and waterproof. Prevents build up of static electricity, and rust. Non-greasy, non-flammable, nontoxic. (132-1214-C3) 16 OZ. SPRAY ...$15.99 LAB® NUMET™ REPAIR FOR PRECIOUS CERAMIC ALLOYS Repair material for precious ceramic alloys when minor miscasts occur. Use to close surface pits, porosity, and repair small holes in copings quickly and easily without recasting. Processed in the porcelain furnace. Repairs result in a finished metal with bonding characteristics and color similar to that of the ceramic alloy. (412-7303-C3) PLATINUM NU-MET KIT ..... $339.99 (412-3896-C3) GOLD NU-MET KIT .............. $339.99 (412-8448-C3) NON-PRECIOUS KIT ............ $339.99 Fine Chemicals and Ceramics Made In The U.S.A. For Over 35 Years JANUARY/FEBRUARY SALE Z TO ORDER CALL: 1-800-496-9500 17

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2013
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2013