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CAD/CAM Accessories FujiRock® EP OptiXscan Type-4 scannable die stone. Compatible with existing scan devices (laser and optical). Extremely smooth but nonreflective surface for optimized scannability. Has an adaptable working time and short setting time for fast processing. Variable mixing ratio without difference in physical properties. Low setting expansion of less than 0.08% for highest precision. High compressive strength of approximately 53 MPa, with less risk of breakage during removal and handling of the model. Pail $ Super Peg II High-heat-resistant refractory material used for custom ceramic-firing stabilizing. Can be easily shaped and used with any type of porcelain. Is stable up to 1300°C (2375°F), which eliminates firing distortion and contamination. 12cc Syringes Zirconia Sintering Beads High-purity, 1.0mm yttria-stabilized zirconia sintering beads. Its single layer of beads allows for uniform shrinking. Produces contaminant-free restorations. Bottle $ (333-2855-C3) ........................5 Kg. 28.99 (671-0079-C3) ................4 per Pkg. $ 21.99 (118-4754-C3)..................200 Gm. 119.99 3-D Printing Materials NEW! HTM140IV Material Produce Up to 85 Quadrant Cases per Kilogram Q Capable of building one inch in less than 90 minutes. Save $40 Q Compatible with any of EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory® or ULTRA® digital dental printers. Q Shows fit markings clearly for the accurate planning of wax dental copings. Q Matte finish allows models to be laser scanned accurately for verification purposes. (220-0052-C3)...................1 Kg. $259.99 E-Dent Material Print Long-Term Temporaries on Your DDP4 and PixCera SPECIAL PRICING Save over $200 Q Perfect material for producing full crowns, multi unit bridges and tough veneers that are extremely accurate with a very fine surface finish. Q Compatible with EnvisionTEC’s Perfectory® DDP and PixCera® machines. Q Printed design can be cut back to allow for color layering and shading. Q FDA-approved. Shade A1 (220-0026-C3) Shade A2 (220-0027-C3) Shade A3 (220-0028-C3) .......$2,549.99 20 JANUARY/FEBRUARY SALE Z ORDER ON THE WEB:

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2013
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2013