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Renfert specials Basic Classic Small, Economical Micro Sandblaster 2-Tank Sandblaster: 1 Tank 25-70µm, 1 Tank 70-250µm. Attractive introduction to the Renfert Sandblasting Technology. Precise working procedures and great cost efficiency with the patented Renfert mixing chamber. Innovative PerfectView Concept: NEW unique LED lighting technology with superior service life provides a bright and uniformly illuminated blasting chamber. Ensures a maximum range of vision and clear contrast of all objects. Dynex Brilliant The Ultimate in Durability, Flexibility and Versatility Durable, double fiberglass reinforced for high stability and durability when finishing zirconium oxide, ceramics and lithium disilicate. Saturated with diamond particles for continuous and consistently high speed cutting and grinding qualities. Flexible disc is ideal for contouring and cutting in anterior and posterior anatomy. Low vibration and virtually no heat generation makes it ideal for cutting and grinding. Does not contaminate the surface. $ 739.99 $ 48.99 (228-2229-C3) (228-2065-C3) Basic Classic MSRP $ 886 Dynex Brilliant Diamond separating disc, 20 x 0.25 mm, 10 pieces NEW! Occlutec Precision from a can Distinct sharp contours, Easy to remove with water Optimal dosage due to micro-powder spray layer Homogeneous spraying characteristics regardless of fill level of the can Low dust generation Ecologically safe, non-fluorocarbon propellant Bison Brushes Mounted high-luster brushes for polishing on alloys, porcelain and acrylic facings Dense and firm bristle arrangements for long service life Particularly suitable for polishing occlusal surfaces and inter-dental spaces. 2 different sizes available: ø 14mm, ø 18 mm $ 18.79 (228-8814-C3) (ø 14mm) 25 pcs (228-6925-C3) (ø 18mm) 25 pcs (228-2316-C3) Occlutec green, 75 ml (2.55 fl.oz.) $ (228-2315-C3) Occlutec red, 75 ml (2.55 fl.oz.) 29.99 $ 35.99 Ideas for dental technology JANUARY/FEBRUARY SALE Z TO ORDER CALL: 1-800-496-9500 25

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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2013
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Zahn Dental Sales Flyer - January/February 2013